Cangjings excellent work long farewell released to warm heart, heal and resonate

 Cangjings excellent work long farewell released to warm heart, heal and resonate

The touching family warmth interwoven with laughter and tears was well received

Warm, delicate and true is the most popular word mentioned by the audience. The movie with tears in the smile and very warm and poetic has a strong love for the film. The audience group is full coverage, through the film began to understand the family, thinking about how to get along with the family, parents need more patience, from the film to think of themselves. When it comes to the plot moved by the film, some audiences are choked with tears. If the mother cant see, you should touch the bedside to find your father. in the film, the love between father and mother makes the audience moved.

The affection behind the long farewell

The most unforgettable thing is family affection. Most movies about this subject matter are sadness and sadness. The long farewell does not describe too much about the fathers illness. It focuses on the process of getting along with the family after learning that his father is ill. The life is delicate, tender and moistening. There are traces of love between relatives in the silent life, which are both moving and life-long reflection.

As long as I still remember you, we will always be together. in the film, the family members who did not meet often were reunited because of their fathers illness. Fu Mei, the second daughter played by Cang Jingyou and Mali, the eldest daughter played by Takeuchi, are a pair of problem sisters. The busy life of the two sisters makes the sisters ignore the family affection for too long. Behind the long farewell, there was the family affection that the family couldnt give up. Although the father began to forget, the daughter still liked to talk to her father for comfort, saying that her father was very smart. Before the carousel, the father took three umbrellas to the playground to pick up his wife and daughter home. On the train, the father said to his mother that it was time to meet his family. When he went to the supermarket, his father secretly took the sugar that his mother loved most, and the father forgot Remember a lot of things, but there are always some memories hidden in the heart, tears and joy in the family and fathers long farewell. The director hopes to express the importance of family affection to everyone through the film.

Long farewell officially landed in all the major lines of the country today.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020