I want to buy a house!!!

 I want to buy a house!!!

Buying a house, for ordinary people, especially those who want to take root in a foreign land, has gradually become a distant dream.

As a person who bought a house three and a half years ago, I probably caught up with all the bad opportunities. Today, I want to share with you the ups and downs along the way. I also want to tell you that at some juncture, we must hold on to some opportunities, and we must seize them.

When you go out and move more and more times, you will become indifferent to human relations. The tenants who live together day and night under the same roof will one day be separated because of buying a house.

Do you know what the worst feeling is in congratulation and not giving up? There are so many differences, not once because of you.

In 2015, the house price here has not taken off yet. A three bedroom and one living room on the edge of the city is only NT $299000. We can find it according to the address on the brochure. It has a standard two-story building and a spacious yard of 1000 square meters. McDonalds is downstairs. Although it is close to the main street, it is relatively noisy, but also desirable.

At that time, we had almost no money, and the down payment was increased from 10% to 20%. It was a real pleasure to see a house. However, I searched the brochures of various companies in my hand. After work every night, I would write and calculate at my desk. As long as we work hard and save money, it is not impossible to own our own house one year later.

However, in only half a year, house prices in the small town have skyrocketed, and a house of NT $230000 has turned into $400000. Where do you go to see the house, there are more than a dozen pairs of shoes outside, and everyone is eyeing each other. I stood in the corner and watched some people discuss terms with the agency with confidence.

The ordinary houses that I imagined could be reached on tiptoe have now become the stars on top of their heads. I suddenly and thoroughly understand, you cant make money as fast as the price of house rises, how powerless it is to feel.

The cost of a home car plus a weekly car loan is cheaper than renting a house. In the end, you can sell the car and use it as a housing fund.

2016 is my lucky year. My book has been published, and I have got some income. The official account has started running, and I have received some advertisements from time to time. I quit my job as a freelancer. I look at the house in my spare time. I am more and more confident.

But when I was finally ready, overseas income could not be used to apply for loans. The money in hand cant be spent. Seeing that the house price is still rising, this is another kind of powerlessness.

I didnt give up looking at the houses I could afford and the luxury houses I couldnt afford. I occasionally looked into the distance in front of my familys windows. I wish I could see such a scene every morning.

I just hate it when I look at it. I hate that Im always bad.

Life is not stagnant water, it is powerful.

Im waiting for that chance.

At the end of 2016, our RV was parked in a friends backyard. My friends family suddenly decided to sell the house. We have to start the vagabond life again. We cant help but feel sad.

The neighbor said that his family had a house that he wanted to sell, but had not yet listed on the market. Because he was unable to repay the loan and was afraid of being taken away by the bank, the price was very cheap.

We went to see the house that day, but on the way I had decided to buy it anyway.

The house is on the edge of the city. Its cheap because its the same age as I am, the appearance is old, the yard is very small, and the inside is regular. There is a long slope outside the house, which is very inconvenient to park and walk. But I quickly made up my mind, went to the loan agency the next day and began to study the issue of loans.

Overseas income can no longer be used to apply for loans, and I was shut down by almost all banks. I said to the loan agent, lets try again. I sent pictures of the books published, screen shots of sales, and pictures of trophies. If I were Haruki Murakami, I would still buy a house like this?

After a long wait for a month, the loan was finally approved with high interest. But it doesnt matter. One month later, the contract was signed and I got the key. On the evening of January 25, 2017, the fire was burning outside the window, and my feet finally landed.

After buying a house, I still keep the habit of looking at the house.

First, I was confused and led by people in the process of buying a house, which made me realize the necessity of mastering house knowledge. Second, because the house is not entirely in line with the wishes, cold in winter and warm in summer, the facilities are old, and the neighborhood environment is not friendly. Third, I want to see what other people are living.

In the second half of 2017, I enrolled in a half year real estate agency class. I didnt plan for the workplace, but some knowledge. Only after professional study can I become my own. There must be channels I dont know, which will be useful in the future.

After half a years course, most of my classmates went to work as real estate agents, and I learned how to buy a house from the perspective of the seller: what kind of structure is the most solid, where the house appreciation is the fastest, and how to protect myself as much as possible when signing a contract

In late 2017, I set up a small company to act as the official account of New Zealands local brands, and my writing career was on the right track, and some short stories were sold for copyright.

All of this is not enough to change a dream house. What makes it all enough is continued thrift, renting spare rooms, and the appreciation of housing every day.

At the end of 2019, I saved enough money and applied for a loan in advance. The habit of looking at the house all the year round made me quickly choose the house I wanted. The terminology on the document no longer made me head over heels. From signing a contract to getting the key, I finished it in one go.

The new house is also on the edge of the city, close to the sparsely populated countryside. The community environment is healthy and upward. Walking outside in the evening, I no longer worry about the abnormal behavior of drunken people. I have a spacious kitchen, no shared bathroom, and a small walk-in closet.

In the past five years, I have visited no less than 50 houses, and I have seen countless on the website. Like a stock speculator, every day no matter how busy you are, you have to open the website to see the house, and you are conscientious.

I am familiar with my friends who are real estate agents. I often get market trends from there. On weekdays, I continue to visit houses from time to time. Others think that I am a big spender. I laugh at myself that I still have three or two pimples on my face, and I dont have half a steel collar in my pocket.

But how to say, even if you dont buy a house, the understanding of these knowledge and information is also a kind of growth.

Looking back on the road of buying a house, your own 5 years are like 20 years of suffering others. If you also have a dream of buying a house, I suggest you:

1. Dont waste a second thinking I cant afford it all my life but I can afford it one day. In the process of buying a house, mentality is particularly important. 2. To keep abreast of the trend of the real estate market, you can go to professional study, you can ask friends who have bought a house, or you can make field investigation. Even if you cant afford it now, you are preparing for the future. 3. Increase income and reduce expenditure, and lower living standards if necessary. Yes, I know its very painful for girls to give up socializing, say goodbye to fashion and move to a smaller rental house But a wise man told me, every ice cream you buy keeps you away from the house. 4. Dont be greedy for the cheap when you buy a house. It is reasonable that there is no good product if you are cheap. Do all the inspection and inspection before buying the house. Whether the location is convenient, how the school district is, and the quality of the people around are all factors to be considered. 5. Buying a house is not the rest station of life. On the contrary, it is the starting point for you to redouble your efforts, welcome the life of house slaves, and prepare for more hard life.

Finally, I would like to share with you:

Compared with we must seize some opportunities, what is more important is we must hold on to some critical points. No matter what you buy a house or something, please remember that although life has great power, if you keep fighting, it will yield.

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