The new album of jephoebe officially released

 The new album of jephoebe officially released

Regardless of the cost, adhere to the quality of music to bring the audience a feast of audio-visual

This time, efejini released his third new album mud boy, which shows the audience super high-quality works both in music and in vision.

According to the documentary behind the scenes of the new album, this mud boy is heavily paid for. In addition to his own music creation, he also specially invited the producer Othello of popsmoke to make it. In the three MV works the old wine for the growth man, waiting for the wood house and mens love song, it is not difficult to see that the albums main visual and MV The production also specially builds the real scene shooting, and the 3D special effect design has great visual impact; regardless of the cost of shooting MV, from the warm-up song to the main song, we all find the most professional team to tailor for the song, and present the music content with more story like pictures, so that the audience can enjoy a high-quality audio-visual feast.

Western rap storm aifojeni released his third new album mud boy this time, integrating his most distinctive northwest style into avant-garde rap. He is loyal to his heart and always brings high-quality music to the audience. I think it will certainly bring you different amazing feelings! I also look forward to more good works to bring to you in the future.

Source of this article: Yang Ming, responsible editor of Netease music_ NV5736