US missile destroyers intrude into Chinas territorial waters in Xisha

 US missile destroyers intrude into Chinas territorial waters in Xisha

It is reported that the US Navys Reagan aircraft carrier has been operating frequently in the East China Sea recently. South China Sea strategic situation awareness released a message on July 30 that on July 28, the satellite found that the US Navy aircraft carrier Reagan was sailing southward in the East China Sea northwest of the yamami islands. On August 1, Reagan made a brief stop at Yokosuka port, Japan. However, on August 2, it left the port for a mission, and then entered the East China Sea again.

South China Sea strategic situation awareness plan released Reagan aircraft carrier trajectory map on August 13

On August 13, the eastern theater of war released a training news report, which said that the eastern theater of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army (PLA) sent troops from multiple services and multiple directions in a systematic way to continuously organize practical exercises in the Taiwan Strait and the northern and southern ends to further test and enhance the joint combat capability of multiple services. Although no specific time was specified for the training activities in the eastern theater of the PLA, the China Maritime Administration previously issued a navigation notice saying that live fire was fired in the Yellow ocean area of Zhoushan from August 11 to 13, which should be an important part of the Taiwan Strait exercise.

On August 13, the U.S. Navys Reagan aircraft carrier launched carrier based aircraft training in the Philippine Sea

On the same day of August 13, the US Pacific Fleet announced that the Reagan aircraft carrier had left the East China Sea and sailed to the Philippine Sea. The U.S. Pacific Fleet did not give too much information about the navigation activities of the Reagan, but repeated the old saying that the aircraft carrier provides a combat force ready to fight to protect and defend the marine interests of the US allies and their partners in the Indian Pacific region.

Relevant professionals told the global times global network that the PLAs continuous organization of actual combat drills in the Taiwan Strait and both the north and the South fully shows that even if the US aircraft carrier cruises around Taiwan, it will not affect the operation drill of the eastern theater against Taiwan in the slightest. Whoever dares to touch the high-voltage line that invades Chinas territory will be attacked.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }The PLA has sent a clear signal to the U.S, The next day, the PLA launched missiles from two provinces to the south. The United States banned wechat? Zhao Lijian: many Chinese said Apple could not use Taiwan media: the PLA launched two missiles from Qinghai and Zhejiang toward the south to warn the United States. Source: Southern theater editor: Xu Meng_ NN7485

Chinas first generation of domestic guided missile destroyers were completely decommissioned. The PLA sent a clear signal to the US military, and the US warships broke into Xisha and the PLA warned them to leave