Take development as the fundamental way to solve poverty

 Take development as the fundamental way to solve poverty

This speech came from Xi Jinpings keynote speech at the 2015 Forum on poverty reduction and development in October 16, 2015.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have adhered to the people-centered development thought and the development oriented poverty alleviation policy. With the necessary support of the state, we have made use of the natural resources of the poor areas to carry out development oriented production and construction, and gradually formed the self accumulation and development ability of the poor areas and households, and guided and supported the poor people with labor ability to solve the problem of food, clothing and poverty alleviation by their own strength Get rich.

Development oriented poverty alleviation takes development as the fundamental way to solve the poverty problem, and solves the poverty problem through development, especially self-development, so as to promote common prosperity. On the one hand, we should start from the actual situation of poverty-stricken areas, in accordance with the characteristics and laws of market and industrial development, adjust measures to local conditions, integrate the resources of poor areas, and release the advantages and vitality of the poor areas; on the other hand, we should bring the poor households into the development chain, and establish the interest linkage mechanism between different entities, so that the poor people can obtain sustainable income through labor and dividend Benefit.

Taking development as the fundamental way to solve poverty, we should highlight the dominant position of the poor people and give full play to their main role. To help the poor first, we should first solve the ideological poverty problem of the poor people. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that poverty is not terrible. If there is confidence and determination, there is no difficulty that can not be overcome. The poverty-stricken areas should fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the poor people, constantly improve the self-development ability of the poor people, change I want development to I want development, and gradually move towards the road of sustainable development.

(expert in this issue: Shi Zhile, lecturer, School of Marxism, China Agricultural University)