Beijing: parents are dumbfounded when Dahong store of Dr. Ma infant swimming pool runs away

 Beijing: parents are dumbfounded when Dahong store of Dr. Ma infant swimming pool runs away

On the afternoon of August 21, 2020, the reporter and accompanying Lawyer Liu Jun met several parents who came to protect their rights.

Dr. Mas infant swimming adopts the prepaid mode, with a single swimming cost of nearly 100 yuan. On the poster posted outside the store, the reporter found that in order to attract customers to recharge and pay, businesses launched preferential activities. The more one-time payment, the greater the discount. In order to enjoy the discount, many parents have applied for membership cards to purchase courses.

In the interview, the parents showed the receipt and contract when they bought the course to the lawyer. Soon, Lawyer Liu Jun found problems in the contract.

After investigation, the company that runs Yintai, the flagship swimming store of Dr. Ma, is called Beijing Jiaxiang polymerization Trading Co., Ltd. the receipt shows that the parents money has also been given to this company.

Beijing Jiaxiang polymerized Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 100000 yuan. Its legal representative is Liu Jiaqing. In July this year, it was listed in the abnormal business list because the registered business place could not be contacted.

Subsequently, the reporter tried to call Beijing beitebao Technology Co., Ltd., which is the customer service number of Dr. Ma infant swimming headquarters company.

Customer service said that this is a franchise store independent operation, we did not receive money, now we can not find this legal person.

Said the lawyer

1. Before going to this kind of pre consumption early education institutions, you should check their qualifications and some basic information on industrial and commercial websites.

2. Consumers in this mode have risks and should avoid large amount of money at one time.

3. Sue through reasonable rights protection.

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