Kunming donkey friend climbs Dali Cangshan Mountain lost contact for five days

 Kunming donkey friend climbs Dali Cangshan Mountain lost contact for five days

According to the Datang Ranger, President of Dali Red Star outdoor sports association, the association obtained the rescue information of the other partys family members on August 26, and immediately formed a search and rescue team of 13 people. According to Lis mobile phone outdoor route software, the outdoor rescue personnel inferred his climbing route and made a route map at the first time. The rescue team of more than ten people was divided into two teams for search and rescue. At 14:25 on August 27, the rescue team on the south line found that the trapped people had no vital signs between Shengying peak and Malong peak.

In the end, the victims were found in the cliff, which is very dangerous and dangerous. The ranger of the Tang Dynasty said: there are 17 peaks with an altitude of more than 3500 meters on the 19th peak of Cangshan Mountain. Malong peak, the highest peak, is 4122 meters above sea level. We have placed the stone tablets of the height of the main peak of the 19th peak one by one for more than ten years. The terrain is steep and there are many cliffs. For outdoor enthusiasts and tourists who come to Cangshan Mountain in Dali, the ranger of the Tang Dynasty suggests that they should play and watch in the designated places of the scenic spot. Some undeveloped areas are forbidden to enter and climb at will.

On August 28, the reporter learned from Dali public security bureau that Li had been found, but had been killed. The specific situation should be subject to the official notice.

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