A couple in Sichuan broadcast pornographic pictures, netizens report: hot eyes!

 A couple in Sichuan broadcast pornographic pictures, netizens report: hot eyes!

Performing large scale pictures

A kind of

01. Netizens report to the police and some people perform pornographically

02. The survey found that couples had sex live

Top up gift giving area of live broadcast platform

At present, the two people are suspected of spreading obscene pornography for profit, and have been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law.

03. Important tips: there should be a bottom line for webcast

The network is not a place outside the law, and network live broadcast can not be arbitrary. We must have a sense of bottom line, do something and do nothing. It is bound to be severely punished by law to engage in activities prohibited by laws and regulations with the help of network live broadcast.

There is nothing wrong with live broadcasting, but there must be a bottom line

Beyond the bottom line is bound to be difficult

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Female driver going to sea in porn: 8000 pounds to raise hips: making too much money

Australian racing woman Renee Gracie chose to go to sea and become a full-time porn star to make a living by shooting sexy video films. And Gracie revealed that she spent 8000 pounds on plastic surgery, especially raising her hips. With a certain amount of savings, she had a plan to return to the car industry, but this idea was strongly opposed by her father. In her fathers opinion, the industry is fast, so she cant give up.

As the first full-time female sports car driver, Gracie took part in Australias top car racing events, but she could not quickly accumulate wealth by driving skills. Her best performance in the first show of super sports car season was ranked No. 12. She only ranked in the top 10 in 17 races in super2 series. She said that she could not make more money, so she decided to quit racing.

Gracie, 25, said that after giving up her racing career and sharing her private photos and videos on the adult website, she got the strong support of her family. Now that she has a certain amount of savings and feels that her livelihood is OK, Gracie is considering suspending her present job and planning to return to the car industry to prove herself. However, this plan has been strongly opposed by her father.

However, Gracies father thinks the sex industry is more promising. My father told me, dont give up. Youve made so much money, dont stop. In fact, he encouraged me to continue to do so because it changed my life, and he thought that if anyone could make that money, everyone would try to do it.

Its great to be supported by my family because my family and friends dont care about what I make and what I do, they just see the meaning of it, and thats why they support me. Gracie thanks her family for their support and says she will try her best to meet all the demands of her fans, hoping that fans will pay for their videos.

Its a big question whether Gracie can return to the auto industry, but at least for a short time, Gracie still hopes to work in a new industry. According to the sun, Gracie decided to spend 8000 pounds for cosmetic surgery. This hip lifting operation is to take fat from the abdomen and implant it into the buttocks, and also can do liposuction on the abdomen, back and thigh. Kim Kardashian and her Some of his celebrities have had the same surgery.

I know I got the media attention, some of my stories went viral online, and anyway, I told you, I made half a million dollars in June, Gracie added. When I was in the competition, my appearance, weight and so on were all under attack, but now, only those who like me and support me will become my fans