Xi Jinping has been particularly concerned about this special team.

 Xi Jinping has been particularly concerned about this special team.

A strong fighting force that the party and the people can rely on

In the era of peace, the peoples police sacrifice the most and contribute the most, and are a special team.

With hard work and precious blood and lives, we have built an impregnable iron wall for national security, social and public security, peoples life and property safety. Xi Jinping is highly sure of the contribution of the peoples police. At the flag giving ceremony, he further pointed out that practice has proved that the peoples police of our country are a team that the party and the people can trust and have strong fighting capacity.

Strict policing cant be relaxed for a moment

The reason why the peoples police can make the Party Central Committee at ease and the peoples satisfaction is closely related to the strict management of the police and the maintenance of strict discipline.

Strict policing can not be relaxed for a moment. Xi Jinping stressed that this team must have iron ideals and beliefs, iron responsibility, iron skills and iron discipline.

How to build this Iron Army? Xi Jinping stressed that we should always take the education of ideals and beliefs as a strategic project to nurture the police and build the soul and consolidate the resources. we should always maintain zero tolerance for the violation of laws and regulations, whether it is tiger or fly .

On the flag raising ceremony of the police flag, Xi Jinping put forward a clear request for the peoples police force to be loyal to the party, serve the people, enforce the law impartially, and discipline strictly.

Special care should be given to this special team

While demanding strict policing, Xi Jinping also stressed the need to give preferential treatment to the police.

In recent years, the national public security organs have issued opinions on Further Strengthening and improving the work of caring for the police and so on, proposing two 30 measures for caring for the police. In January 2018, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of Education jointly issued the notice on Further Strengthening and improving the education and preferential treatment for the children of public security heroes and martyrs and disabled police officers on duty, further expanding and clarifying the scope of preferential treatment objects and educational preferential treatment measures.

Xi Jinping also attached great importance to improving the honor system of the peoples police, enhancing the sense of occupation, pride and belonging of the police. From the setting up of the police and the peoples flag giving ceremony, it is a collective encouragement to the people.