Starting from 710 million luxury middle schools: county major projects under 1.85 billion debt

 Starting from 710 million luxury middle schools: county major projects under 1.85 billion debt

In the voice of public opinion, on August 24, the landmark 4-floor carp leaping dragons gate Waterscape fountain at the school gate and the pavilion near the waterfall group in the school began to be demolished. At the same time, according to China Newsweek, relevant leaders of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection have launched an investigation there.

At noon on August 24, fountains and pavilions on the new campus of Zhenan middle school were demolished, according to China News Weekly

Why should the local government build a luxury middle school? How was the project approved and started? Where does 710 million come from? According to a survey conducted by Red Star News reporters, the school was listed as a major local project and promoted by the Secretary and the county magistrate. At the beginning of the project, Zhenan County had been burdened with 1.85 billion yuan of government debt, but the construction budget was constantly rising.

Launched under 1.85 billion debt

The new Zhenan middle school is located in xiangbiwan, Taiping Village, Yongle Town, Zhenan County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province. Public information shows that in the construction process, the schools project is called Zhenan County third middle school construction project.

According to the plan, the project covers an area of 271.9 mu, with 24 main buildings such as teaching building, dormitory building, catering building, library, gymnasium, etc., with a total construction area of 129140 square meters and an estimated total investment of 516.6 million yuan. After completion, it plans to accommodate 6000 students and 120 teaching classes, including 2000 junior high school students, 40 teaching classes and 4000 senior high school students, 80 teaching classes.

New Zhenan middle school completed

According to a number of information about the construction project on the website of the peoples Government of Zhenan County, the preparatory work of the school has been listed as an important agenda since 2014, and many meetings have been held.

On December 18, 2014, the decision to build a new school was officially made; on January 29, 2015, the project was officially launched. Shangluo daily published a report on the commencement of the project. Li Bo, member of the Standing Committee of Shangluo municipal Party committee and Secretary of Zhenan county Party committee, announced the start of construction at the scene, the report said. On the same day, early stage node projects such as water supply project in this area, qiandangou road construction project, and river crossing access road project in resettlement area were also launched at the same time.

A cadre of the County Education Bureau said in the above report that the project is committed to building a standardized, modern and landscape garden style complete middle school with beautiful environment, complete facilities and complete functions based on the concept of high standard planning, high-grade design and high-quality construction.

In fact, the idea of building a third middle school has already existed. As early as 2013, the then County Bureau of education and sports had issued the investment information for the construction of the third middle school. With the acceleration of urbanization, Zhenan County will accommodate more than one third of the countys population in the future, with a sharp increase in migrant workers and migrant workers, and a sharp rise in school demand. However, there are some prominent problems in urban schools, such as no space for development, serious extra large class size, small activity space, poor internal facilities, hidden dangers of food and lodging, and difficulty in supervision. Therefore, it is urgent to build a third middle school in Zhenan County, which has advanced school running concept, abundant teachers, complete functions, first-class facilities and beautiful environment.

According to the report on the implementation of the 2014 budget and the 2015 draft budget of Zhenan County, the balance of government debt reached 1.85 billion yuan at the end of 2014, according to the official website of Zhenan County Government

However, according to the report on the implementation of the 2014 budget and the 2015 draft budget of Zhenan County, the local financial situation is not optimistic when the project is ready and started. According to the preliminary screening results of government debt, the countys debt balance at the end of 2014 was 1.85 billion yuan, including 1.48 billion yuan of debt to be repaid by the government and 370 million yuan of debt with guarantee responsibility, In 2015, the growth rate of fiscal revenue has been significantly reduced, the scale of new financial resources has been significantly reduced, and the financial work is facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges.. It is a heavy task to resolve government debt.

Zhenan County No.3 middle school construction project was launched in such a financial situation.

According to the project information of PPP project library of the Ministry of finance, on December 18, 2014, the Standing Committee of Zhenan County Committee officially decided to build a standardized boarding school with complete functions, complete facilities, beautiful environment, energy conservation and environmental protection. The Secretary and the county magistrate, in accordance with the ideas of high standard planning, high-grade design and high-quality construction, promote the project construction.

The above information also mentioned that the construction project of the third middle school in Zhenan County is a key project in the 13th five year plan of Zhenan county to supplement the weak points and benefit the peoples livelihood. At the same time, a leading group with the Secretary of the county Party committee as the first group leader, the county magistrate as the group leader, the county leaders in charge of the county as the Deputy group leaders, and the heads of relevant departments as the members. The county government determined the County Bureau of science and education as the implementation agency of the project.

Among the official information disclosed by Zhenan County Government, after the start of the third middle school project, many county leaders went to the project site for many times to understand the construction progress, and Jia Jiangang, the county magistrate, held many on-site office meetings to personally grasp the project.

At the on-site meeting on October 12, 2015, Jia Jiangang required that all departments, towns and villages should actively raise and allocate project funds, solve the work of land acquisition, demolition and resettlement in the early stage, actively strive for projects, and promote the road construction and repair, greening and lighting, drinking water and infrastructure construction of resettlement area involved in the construction of the third middle school project. Speed up the application for approval of project construction land, timely do a good job in land security for project construction, and accelerate the progress of project construction.

At an on-site promotion meeting in January 2016, Jia Jiangang pointed out that as a major project in the whole county, the construction of the third middle school project in the county is a major livelihood project that contributes to the present and benefits the future.

According to the official website of Zhenan County Government

According to public information, on July 25, 2016, Zhenan County Government approved the third middle school project to adopt the PPP mode for investment and financing construction. On November 17 of that year, Shaanxi Huaxia Tendering Co., Ltd. was entrusted by Zhenan county science and technology, education and Sports Bureau to invite bids.

According to the bidding announcement, the project is used for standardized boarding middle school to solve the problems such as the shortage of total educational resources in the original urban area of Zhenan County, the phenomenon of large classes, the shortage of functional departments, and the students off campus accommodation. The BOT mode of Build Operate Transfer is adopted, and the cooperation period is 14 years, of which the construction period is 2 years and the operation period is 12 years. The scope of project cooperation is as follows: the social capital side is responsible for the investment and financing, construction, operation and maintenance, and project handover of the project, and has the right to obtain government payment according to the date specified in the contract.

In June 2020, the propaganda film of new Zhenan middle school produced by the science and Education Bureau of Zhenan County and the TV station also explained the construction process. It was mentioned that the project construction was officially started on January 29, 2015, and more than ten preliminary works were completed in the following two years, including site selection investigation, planning demonstration, environmental impact assessment, disaster assessment, project approval, mountain cutting to river reconstruction, land acquisition and demolition.

After the completion of the preliminary work, the project was finally started in June 2017.

Rising construction costs of 300 million, 516 million and 710 million

In terms of capital budget, the total budget investment of the project is about 513.6 million yuan, including 324.1 million yuan for engineering construction and installation, 179.7195 million yuan for other expenses, and 9.7805 million yuan for basic reserve funds. But in fact, the project was initially released in the investment promotion information of 2013 issued by the former county bureau of education and sports, showing that the budget investment amount is 300 million yuan.

According to the investment promotion information released by the former Zhenan County Education and Sports Bureau in 2013, the budget investment amount is 300 million yuan, according to the official website of Zhenan County Government

How to increase the budget by 200 million yuan? Red Star News reporter compared the investment information in 2013 and the bidding information since then, and found that the floor area and total construction area of the project are quite different: the floor area increased from 126 Mu to 271.9 mu, and the construction area increased from 87200 square meters to 129140 square meters. It is worth noting that the area of teachers rooms has also doubled from 12000 square meters to 25040 square meters.

How to form the budget of 516.6 million yuan? The project bidding document introduces the budget funds as follows: the source of funds is 102.8 million yuan of project capital, 22.8 million yuan is contributed by Zhenan County State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd., and 80 million yuan is invested by social capital. The government has allocated 90.8 million yuan of construction subsidies, and the remaining 320 million yuan of project construction funds are obtained by the social capital side through bank loans and other legal means.

According to the pre qualification announcement of PPP mode construction project of Zhenan third middle school project, the total budget investment of the project is about 516.6 billion yuan, according to the Chinese government procurement network

On April 19, 2017, Shaanxi Huaxia Tendering Co., Ltd. issued a bid winning announcement, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. won the bid and became the social capital Party of the project. According to the BOT rules, Zhenan No.3 middle school project company controlled by Shaanxi Construction Co., Ltd. is also the maintenance and operation Party of the middle school, and will obtain annual budget expenditure of 53.3775 million yuan from Zhenan County for 12 consecutive years. After 12 years of operation, the project company will hand over the third middle school to Zhenan County.

On August 28, 2017, Zhenan No.3 Middle School Project Construction Management Co., Ltd. was established. According to the registration information, the registered capital of the company is 102.8 million yuan, including 22.8 million yuan from Zhenan State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd., and 80 million yuan from Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. The business scope of the company is: investment, construction, operation and maintenance of the third middle school in Zhenan County.

Related reports in Shangluo daily at the end of 2017

According to the industrial and commercial information, since then, the third middle school project construction management Co., Ltd. of Zhenan County has pledged its equity in full to Shangluo branch of Changan Bank Co., Ltd. The latter has provided 320 million yuan of project loans.

516.6 million.

However, the final construction cost of the school reached 710 million yuan. In an interview with Xinhua news agency, the relevant person in charge of the schools preparation office said that in the future, the county will take some money to pay back part of the debt, and then try to get funds from the higher authorities to solve part of the problem..

Where did all this money go? According to the Xinhua report, there are 24 main buildings in the new site, including teaching building, dormitory building, catering building, gymnasium and teachers apartment. In the campus, in addition to the stone railings that can be seen everywhere, every building has a Tang style building roof. At the same time, it also includes multi-level waterfall group, pavilions, rockeries, waterwheel, plank road, Waterscape, stone arch bridge and other landscape facilities.

The cost of rockery waterfall waterscape is more than 2 million yuan. The total cost of green belt and pipe network of the whole school is more than 80 million yuan. In addition, 90.8 million yuan was spent on land demolition, three supplies and one leveling, planning and design.

Five years of construction, Zhenan County No. 3 middle school construction project has been completed, named as the new campus of Zhenan middle school.

Fengjian County

Local media in Zhenan reported that Li Bo, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the county Party committee, and Hu Dongliang, director of the Municipal Education Bureau, unveiled the name of Zhenan middle school at the ceremony. Hu Dongliang said in the ceremony speech that over the years, Zhenan county Party committee and county government have always adhered to the concept of no poor education, no more hardship, no children and poor county should run a big education. The newly-built Zhenan middle school is of great and far-reaching significance for steadily improving the education quality of the whole county and promoting the balanced development of urban and rural compulsory education The meaning of.

The opening ceremony of new Zhenan middle school

However, not long after its inauguration, the school with great significance and Zhenan County were pushed to the forefront of public opinion.

On August 13, Xinhua News Agency published a report, there is nothing wrong with building a beautiful school. Why is this luxury middle school confusing? u300bu3002 According to the report, in 2019, Zhenan County, a deep poverty-stricken county in southwest Shaanxi Province, has just lifted its hat from poverty. The annual financial revenue of the county is less than 200 million yuan, but it spent 710 million yuan to build a luxury middle school, resulting in the countys high debt.

The financial situation of Zhenan County is indeed not optimistic. On the one hand, the fiscal revenue is insufficient, on the other hand, the debt it faces is also showing an upward trend.

According to the official debt situation, the debt balance of Zhenan County in 2018 was nearly 2.14 billion yuan, close to the limit of more than 2.15 billion yuan in that year. In 2019, the government debt balance of the whole county has reached more than 2.54 billion yuan, which is also close to the limit of more than 2.55 billion yuan.

Zhenan county government work report in 2020

According to the government work report of Zhenan County in 2020, the local financial revenue of Zhenan county will be only 178 million yuan in 2019, which is characterized by limited financial support capacity and increasing expenditure pressure.

Zhenan countys report on the implementation of the budget in 2019 and the draft budget in 2020 shows that from January to may 2020, the local tax revenue of the whole county is only 60.81 million yuan, a decrease of 7.2% compared with the same period of last year. In 2020, the government debt service will increase sharply, and the contradiction between revenue and expenditure will become more acute..

In the face of increasing debt and prominent income and expenditure contradictions, Zhenan middle school with a huge capital of 710 million yuan has been questioned. However, when Zhenan County Finance Bureau organized experts to carry out qualitative evaluation on the project value for money, the final conclusion of the demonstration of financial affordability is: pass.

Another 700 million luxury secondary schools were demolished

Previously reported:

Demolish 710 million luxury high schools: once for evil, twice for exposure, three cups for self punishment

Author: Lin Gu official account: Mr. Lin Gu

[sad to hear, the imperial palaces of the Qin and Han dynasties have all been earthen.

August 14, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province.

The 710 million yuan luxury school in Zhenan County has attracted attention.

According to media reports, Zhenan County, where the school is located, has allocated 710 million yuan to build the new school.

u2014u2014Miraculously, the local financial revenue of Zhenan County in 2019 is 178 million yuan, which was not long ago removed from the deep poverty-stricken county.

Education is the foundation stone, so we need to vigorously promote education if we borrow money. The poor counties have to spend a lot of money to build seven hundred million schools. Can we do a good job in education?

The rockery waterfall waterscape cost more than 2 million yuan, and to this end, part of the mountain was leveled, and anti-skid slope retaining wall was built.

The total cost of green belt and pipe network of the whole school is more than 80 million yuan.

u2014u2014Zhenan County is as bold as expected!

It must be strange to all of you that the annual financial revenue of this poor county is only 170 million. How can there be 710 million financial funds to build schools?

What if you dont have money?



Lets analyze the annual income of 170 million, and burn 710 million schools with eggs. This time, after becoming a demon, there are various kinds of fishy things.

First of all, the official said that 710 million yuan was spent, and the detailed accounts were not disclosed. No one knows how much was spent.

u2014u2014In other words, its OK to spend 500 million yuan and make the accounts into 700 million yuan.

It is self-evident whose pocket the extra two hundred million will go into.

Then, when the project is established, the project will be sub contracted layer by layer, including reinforced cement sand, aluminum alloy of wood doors and windows, and landscape design of green belt.

u2014u2014After this round of operation, the relationship between the household came, the interests of the sharers came, it is a layer of oil and water, the monarchs are well.

When the school is finished and the money is spent, we should pay attention to efficiency.

u2014u2014The wool comes from the sheep. The parents of the students should first collect more money and pay back the interest on the loan. In a few years, when the county government has money, it can make a balance.

If you really spend 100 million yuan to recruit doctoral and masters degree talents to be teachers, and then attract the top students in the county with cash rewards and subsidies, I can hardly believe that you are promoting education.

u2014u2014As a result, if you set up a green belt with a carp leaping over the dragons gate water fountain, you burned 80 million yuan. You told me that this is education for development?

Confucius believed, Zhuangzi believed, Laozi did not.


Dushan County, a national poverty-stricken county in the south of Guizhou Province, takes the whole countys efforts to create the No.1 Water Department building in the world.

u2014u2014National poverty-stricken counties with an annual income of less than 1 billion yuan, spend 2 billion yuan to build the worlds first water department building, and borrow 40 billion yuan to vigorously develop eco-tourism economy

Dushan county Party secretary is known as the most dare to spend money.

u2014u2014If the tourism economy is well done, the poverty hat of Dushan county will be removed?

A month ago, Guizhous No.1 water company had a hot search.

A month later, Shaanxi was not willing to lag behind, following the pace of Guizhou, the first middle school building in the world also became famous.

u2014u2014Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai do not dare to burn money like this. What does Shaanxi and Guizhou rely on?

With Shaanxi Qinling villa in front? With Secretary Zhao of Shaanxi Province changed the sentence of death with a fine of 700 million yuan? With the market value of Maotai liquor in Guizhou exceeding one trillion yuan?

Rich people all know how to live a frugal life, but poor people who dont have money borrow money and spend more.


At noon on August 24, the gate of the new campus of Zhenan middle school was locked, with excavators and muck trucks going in and out of the school. The landmark 4-story carp leaping over the Dragon Gate water fountain and Pavilion at the school gate were being demolished.

At present, the road leading to the school is set up with multiple checkpoints, and the fence at the gate of the school is covered with colorful strips

u2014u2014Now Ive dismantled the head office for him, right?

Once as a demon, twice exposed, and back and forth, the contractor who built the building and the demolition team who demolished the building made a lot of money.

The builders are the happiest when they are engaged in development, and the demolition team is the happiest when they are engaged in demolition.

Seeing him rise high, seeing him collapse.

u2014u2014Its none of my business. Its OK to have work and make money.

u2014u2014Sad Qin and Han Dynasties by the line, the palace between thousands of earth, Xing, the common people suffering, death, people suffering.

The water department building in Dushan county will be renamed into a hotel. The scenic area has been outsourced to other companies. The two sides have signed an agreement and will enter the construction site in the near future.

What was the reason for criticism?

u2014u2014Bureaucratism, formalism, hypocrisy, idolatry, exaggeration, corruption of silver is a trivial matter, and corruption of ethos is the real cause of disaster.

What do the public want to see after a demon and a second exposure?

u2014u2014It is to severely punish the bureaucrats who spank their heads, take this as a warning to put an end to similar corruption incidents, and set up a specimen to sound an alarm bell to rectify the atmosphere.

With the local leaders, they think that the common people just want to eat a melon and see you build and demolish buildings with the financial revenue handed in by taxpayers?

u2014u2014Before the decision to shoot the board, he only paid attention to fishing for money in his pocket. The matter became big and the public opinion was hot. The supervision pressure of the superior came down. The common people could not hold their mothers name. They were in a mess for a moment. They were flustered. Another mindless board was photographed

Why do these wonderful events happen frequently?

u2014u2014Its because in the whole society, there are too many XX leaders with crooked buttocks and no brains.

What monsters, ghosts, and beauties?

For a while, he filled up the wine.