The 16-year-old boy is involved in a major criminal case and the victim is his aunt

 The 16-year-old boy is involved in a major criminal case and the victim is his aunt

On August 27, the Public Security Bureau of Bozhou, Anhui Province issued a reward notice. On the 25th, a major criminal case occurred in Weigang Town, Qiaocheng district. The villager Wang Kai (born in 2004) was suspected of committing a major crime. The police offered a reward of 100000 yuan. A police officer said the case was under investigation. According to Bozhou radio and television reported on the 28th: the victim is his aunt, the villagers have a good impression on her, Wang Kai has already left school.

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Family members of 17-year-old boys death: why continue to wipe the floor after fainting in the detention center?

Im so sad that a good child has disappeared in Hukou county. Aunt Li slumped on the back of her chair, tears streaming down her wrinkled cheeks and dripping onto the photo of her grandson Yang Wenpeng. At the moment, only she understands the sadness of the white haired and the black haired.

In the early morning of June 24, 2019, Yang Wenpeng, an apprentice in a hair salon, was detained by the Public Security Bureau of Hukou County, Jiangxi Province, for the crime of affray. He was arrested on July 30. On September 2, Yang Wenpeng was sent to Jiujiang first peoples Hospital for treatment after intermittent nausea and vomiting for 4 days and syncope for 1 day. On September 14, Yang Wenpengs father, Yang Henghong, received a call from Lanqing, a police officer at shuangzhong police station, saying that the child was being rescued in the ICU ward. On October 17, Yang Wenpeng died. According to the judicial opinion issued by the Institute of forensic medicine of Nanchang University, Yang Wenpeng met the requirements of coma caused by purulent encephalitis, and finally died of multiple organ failure.

Muddleheaded young people gather to fight and be detained

Yang Wenpeng, 17, is a native of Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. After graduating from the railway transportation management major of Jiangxi secondary vocational school in July 2018, he went to Nanchang Metro Company for an internship. In his work, Yang Wenpeng got to know Li Xianjin, and they soon became good friends.

In March 2019, Li Xianjin left Nanchang Metro, followed his distant cousin Li Dong, who opened a hair salon, to Hukou County, Jiujiang City, and began to work as an apprentice. Yang Wenpeng asked many times to go to hukou to find Li Xianxian for hairdressing. His family couldnt bear to nag and reluctantly agreed.

On June 20, Yang Wenpengs father drove his son to the Jinxian high-speed railway station, where he was still trying to dissuade him. I said he was tall and fat, so he was not suitable for hairdressing. But Yang Wenpeng insisted on getting on the train to hukou. But both of them didnt know that the farewell had become a farewell for father and son.

At more than 10 p.m. on June 23, Yang Wenpeng and three other apprentices from the hairdressing shop went to have a snack. After dinner, LAN Hu, Zhou Chong and Yang Wenpeng met three local young people as they rode their motorcycles through shizhongshan Avenue. After the quarrel, the two sides began to abuse each other. Yang Wenpeng and others catch Shen Zhen, who is left alone, and ask the other two young people to come back and apologize. On the phone, the two sides agreed to meet at the intersection of zhoubaihu near the court.

Li Dong, the owner of the hairdresser, recalled that Yang Wenpeng, who was afraid of losing money, went back to the dormitory and asked Li Xianxian to help. At about 0:00 on June 24th, the two sides fought with a short stick, spade, spanner and brick at the agreed place.

Li Dong said that after receiving a call from his nephew Li Xianjin at 2 a.m., he immediately rushed to Hukou County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. At that time, those involved in the fight were under the control of the police of shuangzhong police station of Hukou County Public Security Bureau. According to judicial appraisal, Liu Haotian of the other party was slightly injured, while LAN Hu, Zhou Chong, Li Xianjin and Yang Wenpeng were slightly injured.

At 23:00 p.m. on June 24, 2019, Yang Wenpeng was criminally detained by Hukou County Public Security Bureau for suspected affray. An insider of the Public Security Bureau once took photos of Yang Wenpeng and others before they were sent to Hukou County Detention Center. At that time, Yang Wenpeng was naked and looked normal. The police put handcuffs on his back and sent him to the police car.

On July 30 of the same year, with the approval of Hukou County Peoples Procuratorate, Yang Wenpeng, suspected of affray, was arrested and detained in Hukou County Detention Center.

Missing Yang Wenpeng was detained for more than ten days before his family knew

Li told the elephant news reporter that since June 25, she had contacted Yang Wenpeng many times, but no one answered the phone. She asked her son Yang Henghong. The family took turns to dial the childs phone, but no one was able to get through to him. We had to call many times a day

When Yang Wenpeng was 8 years old, Yang Henghong and his biological mother Xiong Youhong went through the divorce procedures, and Xiong Youhong was also unable to contact Yang Wenpeng. After two days, Yang Wenpengs mobile phone completely shut down. Yang Henghong judged at that time that the child was likely to be controlled by the MLM organization. At that time, I really didnt think much about it. The MLM organization was just asking for money, and there would be nothing wrong with it. We were all waiting for the phone call from the child asking for money.

Yang Henghongs family had been waiting for more than ten days, but Yang Wenpeng still had no news. On July 4, 2019, Yang Henghong came to Minhe town police station of Jinxian County Public Security Bureau to report the case. After inputting Yang Wenpengs ID card number, the local police found that the child had been detained by Hukou Public Security Bureau.

Yang Henghong told reporters that police Lanqing explained that they had not found the contact information of Yang Wenpengs family members and failed to inform the family members in time. They had sent the detention notice to Yang Wenpengs residence by post, but the mail was returned to the case handling unit because no one received it. The police told Yang Henghong that Yang Wenpeng didnt commit many major events and could go home after living for a few months at most. Yang Henghong didnt care, I think its a lesson for my son to let him know the cruelty of society, and its also an education for him.

Elephant news reporter learned from Yang Wenpengs mother Xiong Youhong that her mobile phone number has been used for more than ten years, and she has never received a call from the police of Hukou County Public Security Bureau, I want to know that the child has been arrested, and we will certainly come to find the child. Xiong Youhong said that her grandfather has always lived in the place where the childs household registration is located, and has never received a detention notice sent by Hukou County Public Security Bureau. According to Article 85 of the criminal procedure law, when a public security organ detains a person, it must produce a detention certificate. After detention, the detainee shall be immediately sent to a detention center for custody, no later than 24 hours. The family members of the detainee shall be notified within 24 hours after detention, except that the notification of the crime of endangering State security or terrorist activities may hinder the investigation. After the circumstances hindering the investigation disappear, the family members of the detainee shall be informed immediately. However, the family members of Yang Wenpeng in this case only received the notice of criminal detention more than ten days later, which is obviously in violation of the law.

Yang Wenpeng rescue in ICU

On September 5, 2019, Yang Henghong received a call from a police officer claiming to be Hukou County Public Security Bureau, saying that Yang Wenpeng was ill in the detention center and was being treated in the first peoples Hospital of Jiujiang City, asking him to send some money and clothes. As Yang Henghong received the project in other places, she entrusted her mother, Aunt Li, to go to the hospital. After handing in her clothes, Aunt Li proposed to see her grandson, but she was refused. Aunt Li heard from the doctor that Yang Wenpeng had a fever and was not in good condition.

For a few days after returning home, Aunt Li was on tenterhooks. On the afternoon of September 9, 2019, she came to the first peoples Hospital of Jiujiang city again. This time, she still failed to see her grandson. She stood downstairs in the ward, crying and shouting Yang Wenpengs name. If you can hear grandmas voice, you can promise your grandmother. Please. Then she heard two shouts of ah, ah coming out of the ward, the voice is very similar to my grandsons, I feel a little relieved to hear his voice, and a nurse nearby advised me to hurry home.

At 5:00 p.m. on September 14, 2019, Yang Henghong received a phone call from Lan Qing, a policeman from shuangzhong police station of Hukou County Public Security Bureau, saying that Yang Wenpeng was critically ill and asked him to rush to Jiujiang first peoples Hospital for signature. That night, Yang Henghongs family arrived at the hospital and saw Yang Wenpeng in the ICU ward and was in a severe coma. Doctors said the childs survival rate was less than 10 percent.

On September 16, 2019, Hukou County Public Security Bureau decided to take Yang Wenpeng bail pending trial on the ground that Yang Wenpeng was suffering from serious diseases and cannot take care of himself, but Yang Henghong and his family refused to sign.

On September 25, 2019, the attending doctor announced that Yang Wenpeng was brain dead. At 12:58 noon on October 17, Yang Wenpeng died clinically.

According to the death record of Jiujiang first peoples Hospital, at 17:10 on September 2, 2019, Yang Wenpeng was admitted to hospital for intermittent nausea and vomiting for 4 days and syncope for 1 day. The outpatient department plans to vomit undetermined hypokalemia into the supervision ward. The direct cause of death of Yang Wenpeng: shock, the main causes of death: 1. Central infection; 2. Septic shock; 3. Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome; 4. Severe anemia; 5. Pulmonary infection; 6. Electrolyte disorder (hypokalemia, hypernatremia).

The cause of Yang Wenpengs death is suspected by his family members

Yang Henghongs family are very puzzled. Before his death, Yang Wenpeng was practicing in Nanchang Metro. He was in good health. Why did he get sick in the detention center and finally died in the hospital. In order to find out the cause of the childs death, Yang Henghong proposed that Yang Wenpeng be autopsied. According to the judicial opinion issued by the Institute of forensic medicine of Nanchang University, according to the autopsy findings, combined with the analysis of clinical medical records, imaging data and detention center monitoring video, Yang Wenpengs left temporal occipital lobe cerebral hemorrhage (hematoma organization) can be ruled out as a result of head and face trauma.

Yang Henghong questioned how Yang Wenpeng got his encephalitis and why he suddenly fell ill in the detention center?

Family members investigate the cause of Yang Wenpengs death

On June 5, 2020, Hukou county political and legal committee, County Public Security Bureau, county procuratorate and county petition Bureau met with Yang Wenpengs family members and lawyers of Jinxian County Legal Aid Center, and provided them with Yang Wenpengs interrogation records and some detention house videos.

Hukou County Detention Center provides 15 days of surveillance video from August 14 to September 2, 2019. Yang Henghong found that Yang Wenpeng got up from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. every day for 15 days and stood on duty in the prison room. He started mopping the ground alone in the morning, and there were more than 20 adults in the same prison.

Because the Public Security Bureau told the surveillance was classified and could not be disclosed to the public, Yang Henghong wrote down the situation of his sons last attack in the detention center. At 8:23 on September 2, 2019, Yang Wenpeng fainted, and the teacher in charge arrived at 8:48. After being examined by the supervision doctor on duty, two roommates in the same ward helped him back to the prison room. Yang Wenpeng sat on a small stool and continued to wipe the floor after sitting for 58 minutes. At 10:58, Yang Wenpeng was brought out of the prison.

The child fainted for 20 minutes, and the doctor came to check for a few minutes. The child sat on the stool in the prison room with a painful look. After the rest, he went on to wipe the floor. Yang Henghong questioned that if Yang Wenpeng could be sent to the hospital in time for treatment, he might not have killed the child.

On the morning of August 24, elephant news reporter came with Yang Henghong to Hukou County Detention Center to understand Yang Wenpengs situation in the detention center. A leader in charge of the class said that only the director knew what was going on inside, but the director went out to study and could not come back until a month later. He refused the reporters interview on the ground that the epidemic situation had not been lifted yet.

At more than 1:00 p.m. on August 24, elephant news reporter and Yang Henghong met with director Li of the legal system brigade of Hukou County Public Security Bureau. He suggested that Yang Henghong cremate the child as soon as possible. The public security bureau can provide appropriate care funds, but it is still suggested to take judicial channels. After the court makes a judgment, there will be a legal document here, and the Public Security Bureau will give you as much compensation as it should.

Yang Henghong did not agree with the investigation results of the Hukou County procuratorate. First, I watched one of the surveillance videos during the interrogation. When I asked about my children, I didnt inform the guardian to be there, nor was anyone else present. There were only two police officers and three children in my family. Second, according to the surveillance provided by the detention center, my child was 17 years old and was still under age, at the same time as more than 20 adults Third, after my child fainted on September 2, why didnt we send it to the hospital for examination and treatment at the first time

In response to Yang Henghongs objection, lawyer Fu Jian said that for juvenile criminal cases, When interrogating, there should be his legal representative on the scene. Only in the case of no notification can other adult relatives or representatives of schools, units, basic organizations of residence or minors protection organizations be present. The interrogation was carried out without informing the family members, and the procedure was obviously problematic. At the same time, after Yang Wenpeng fainted from illness, the detention center, as the supervisor, has the obligation to send the detained personnel to the hospital for treatment according to the law. It is suspected to constitute a crime of omission if he is not treated after knowing that he has fainted on the ground. In addition, according to the provisions of the law on the protection of minors, minors in custody and serving sentences should be held separately from adults. This case does not separate adults from minors, and the procedure is also illegal.

(Li Xianjin, Li Dong, Zhou Chong and Shen Zhen are pseudonyms)

According to CCTV hotline 12 on July 22, a 16-year-old boy named chengran in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, on April 19, 2019, under the instruction of a 15-year-old Han, beat and illegally detained a 14-year-old girl with two partners under the age of 16 for more than 50 hours, suspected of illegal detention. But at the time of the crime, the teenagers parents had never contacted him.

The 50 hours are from Friday evening to Sunday night. The children under the age of 17 have not been home, but their parents have not asked. What kind of family is this?

Recently, this pair of derelict parents were ordered by the procuratorate to accept compulsory parental education..

The boy left home for three days

The 50 hours are from Friday evening to Sunday night. The children under the age of 17 have not been home, but their parents have not asked. What kind of family is this?

On April 23, the Zhangjiagang municipal procuratorate made a conditional non prosecution decision against Cheng ran, ordered his parents to accept a one-year compulsory parenting education and issued a parental education guidance entrustment letter to Zhangjiagang family education service center.

Sheng min, a prosecutor of Zhangjiagang peoples Procuratorate in Jiangsu Province, said, compulsory parenting education refers to the states compulsory requirement that the parents of criminal minors or minor victims receive professional education and guidance. Its purpose is not only to improve the parents skills and ability to raise their children, but also to urge parents to earnestly perform their duties of guardianship and education.

The prosecutor learned from Cheng Rans parents that Cheng ran was a child who was very low in self-esteem because of his poor academic performance. He went to a skills training school and began to smoke, drink and stay at night after making bad friends. However, his parents did not listen to him.

In the letter of entrustment for parental education guidance issued to the family education service center of Zhangjiagang City, the reasons for ordering the parents to accept parental education guidance were written: the lack of effective supervision over chengrans long-term stay in hotels, not going home to live, careless making friends, smoking and drinking, etc., which led to chengrans criminal behavior.

Let the unqualified parents return to the furnace

From a social point of view, compulsory parenting education not only enhances the guardianship responsibility of parents, but also improves the professional level of their childrens education. More importantly, it is a kind of warning and drinking in the sense of the rule of law. Bringing family education into the level of rule of law can better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors, guide parents to educate their children scientifically and rationally, and even carry out compulsory supervision on parents, which is of far-reaching significance.

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A 16-year-old boy in Bozhou, Anhui Province is involved in major criminal cases