Apple or will self-developed search engine Google from a teammate to an opponent?

 Apple or will self-developed search engine Google from a teammate to an opponent?

Apple is a big customer of Googles search engine. In order to become the default search engine for Safari browser in iPhone and MAC, Google pays Apple billions of dollars every year.

On Thursday morning local time, Jon Henshaw, founder of coywolf, a digital marketing research firm, said it was not clear whether sirisuggestion was still using Google, but Apple was using spotlightsearch to provide search results rather than other search engines.

However, through a short test, some media found that the search using sirisuggestion on IOS 14 platform still came from Google. Similarly, the search using sirisuggestion on IOS 13 is almost entirely from Google.

The latest report says Apple is investing heavily in search projects and is hiring search engineers. It is worth mentioning that the employment demand in related fields has decreased rather than increased in the past year, which may be caused by the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic.

Although there is no clear evidence that apple is about to launch its own mature search engine, it is important for all users to have a complete search engine. Henshaw said that if Apple has its own search engine, it will weaken Googles control over the search engine market, provide better promotion for Apples services, strengthen Apples control over the entire hardware and software field, and allow developers to promote their own applications in a wider range of search results, not just in the app store search of apple.

However, Apple launched its own search engine is not a small move. Media reports say that if Apple launches its own search engine, it may attract antitrust concerns from government regulators. Especially at present, apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and other high-tech companies are facing strong antitrust charges from the US Congress, the federal government and the States. Perhaps in view of this, Henshaw believes that Apples self-contained search engine may never come to market.

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