Kunlun u00b7 Silk Road treasure opened by Yan Yikuan and Qiao Zhenyu

 Kunlun u00b7 Silk Road treasure opened by Yan Yikuan and Qiao Zhenyu

Netease Entertainment reported on August 28, pan Jingcheng, Yan Yikuan, Qiao Zhenyu, Hu Lianxin and Dong Xuan, directed by Pan Jingcheng, starred by Yan Yikuan, Qiao Zhenyu, Hu Lianxin and Dong Xuan, and Wang Jinsong played a special role. Fan Ming, Xue Haowen, Liu Dini and Song Qing co starred in the large-scale historical and cultural exploration drama treasure of the Silk Road in Hengdian film and television city The official micro blog officially released the first character poster, and the nine members of the Silk Road treasure exploration team gathered to open the door of a three thousand year old secret land and return to the glorious road of Western civilization.

As a drama focusing on depicting the spiritual culture of the western regions, Kunlun Silk Road treasure sets the story background in the special era of the Central Plains revolution in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. Through the secret competition of various countries in Xinjiang, it outlines a complete cultural map of the western regions, which shows the structural rhythm of the pluralistic integration of Chinese culture. In the process of inheriting regional culture, it highlights Chinas increasingly strong and mature cultural self-confidence, and regains the publics exploration and attention to the western regions.

Different from the historical and cultural dramas already on the screen, Kunlun Silk Road treasure restores the cultural symbols of Ancient Xinjiang, such as Kunlun, Xiwangmu, Heyuan of the Yellow River and Tianshan. From ancient times to the present, Xinjiang has experienced countless collisions of different ethnic groups and civilizations. This hot land has witnessed the sword and sword, and also shows the harmonious coexistence. These are not only the spiritual core of the play, but also the root of the endless Chinese civilization. In the play, Mu Tianshui and Qiu Shiguang, students of the Department of archaeology, are forced to embark on a treasure hunt guided by a dragon jade pendant. Many forces ambush everywhere. Hutubi, Tianshan and Kunlun are startled step by step. Mu Tianzi, Xiwangmu, banchao and Xiyu are the guardians of the capital. They are heroic, loyal and treacherous. They are linked together in the past and the present.

It is reported that the play is jointly produced by Tencent pictures, Beijing 21st century wick Media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Litian film and Television Co., Ltd., Gansu Cultural Tourism Industry Investment Fund (limited partnership), Gansu 21st century wick media and Xinjiang Jiayan film and Television Cultural Media Co., Ltd. The script has been polished for many years, the gold medal production team has cooperated and innovated, and Yan Yikuan, Qiao Zhenyu, Dong Xuan, Wang Jinsong and other luxury casting lineups have gained points. With layers of suspense, it unfolds a panorama of history and arouses the infinite expectation of the audience.