Zhao Youting and Bai Jingting focus on the workplace

 Zhao Youting and Bai Jingting focus on the workplace

Empowering the ordinary, adding to the beauty. Although the trilogy focuses on different times and groups, it has a highly similar spiritual core. These works capture the traces of the times, observe the real feelings, and convey faith and power with the vivid stories of lovely and respectable little people. They encourage everyone who sticks to 2020 to march forward with a song no matter what difficulties they face.

Light into a bunch, with the story of small people to observe the struggle in the stick

From September to September, the series of ordinary glory, together and aiming will continue to shine ordinary light. What is slightly different is that the focus of the three works is not love. Instead, it focuses on telling the living situation of ordinary people and leading the audience to feel how they integrate their personal destiny into the current of the times. Regardless of the wind and waves, the more difficult and dangerous they are, the more forward they will be.

With the theme of passionate struggle, pure workplace, ordinary glory focuses on new employees and middle-level groups eager to break free from the shackles of survival, aiming to create a workplace survival textbook. In order to maximize the true state of office workers, the main team polished the story text for two years. During field visits and in-depth research, we interviewed about 100 people in Shanghais financial industry and carefully selected more than 20 financial cases to be implanted into the play. The work hopes that the audience can see the shadow of their own struggle in the play, and also give some warm encouragement to the honest, down-to-earth and hard-working workers. Even though the process is painful, as long as you work hard, you will eventually break the dilemma and get a new life.

A few days ago, the anti epidemic era report drama together organized and directed by the State Administration of radio, film and television (SARFT) attracted great expectations from all walks of life. Based on the real characters and stories of all walks of life during the anti epidemic period, the play tells ten unit stories of ordinary people coming forward, casting a panoramic picture of the anti epidemic peoples war. A few months later, when we look back on this breathtaking and helping each other in the same boat with the help of our works, how can we feel in our hearts? Please wait and see.

Aiming, a high-density action drama, looks back on the patriotic enthusiasm at the beginning of the founding of new China by taking the thrilling confrontation between snipers as the starting point. In this work, the audience can see the imprint of the times, the scars left by the war, and also see the solid back of the pioneers and the belief that the righteous are invincible. It aims at everyone who has a good expectation and pursuit of life, and tries to stimulate the youth of the new era outside the screen to remember the history and carry on the past and forward the future through the transmission of the temperature of that era.

Mass production, with high-quality masterpieces to convey respectable feelings and responsibilities

In recent years, Zhejiang satellite TV has been highly grounded in realism in its content layout, strengthened the value of the times, conveyed the feelings of home and country, and fully demonstrated the iron shoulder responsibility of the mainstream media. Following the golden autumn of last year, Zhejiang satellite TV launched the emotional gift season first in the country. This year, Zhejiang satellite TV once again took the lead to create a drama of the good times with heavy colors. It launched a matrix attack and made joint efforts to provide the audience with warm energy transmission, nutritious cultural life and taste audio-visual enjoyment.

The three blockbuster works have long been firmly locked in by the audience. Top class, strength lineup, plus the theme of burning point, a golden autumn screen appreciation is about to start!

Take together, for example, it has brought together 14 well-known directors such as Zhang Li, Shen Yan, Cao Dun and Wang Jun, 9 excellent screenwriters including Liu Liu, Qin Wen, Gao Xuan, Ren Baoru and Feng Ji, as well as more than 50 powerful actors. The whole play can be called the dream team of Chinese TV series. Ordinary glory is operated by Lu Xing, the director of the well-known crime without a certificate and starred by Zhao Youting, Bai Jingting and Qiao Xin. From the beginning of preparation, he has been carrying high expectations for rectifying the name of domestic workplace drama. Aiming, which took seven years to carve out with painstaking effort, is directed by 500 Buick and starred by Huang Xuan, Chen he, Yang Caiyu and Li Xirui. The whole play follows the film production standard and narrative style, and focuses on sniping technology flow. It tries to present an audio-visual feast for the audience through high-quality camera language.

Since the launch of the beautiful China strategy at the beginning of this year, Zhejiang satellite TV has been continuously exporting the values of upward, towards the good and towards the beautiful. Through the carefully arranged drama of the good times, we can easily get its valuable intentions. Aim at the beautiful, we together, is ordinary glory -- Zhejiang satellite TV China blue theater shot every respectable ordinary person, presented a very sincere golden autumn gift box!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming_ NV5736