The more you cant accept the uncertainty in your life, the more anxious you are.

 The more you cant accept the uncertainty in your life, the more anxious you are.

Anxiety, can be said to be a standard configuration of modern people.

In the past, we always felt that people were anxious because of the lack of external things.

Wait a minute. Theres no good job.

But in life, you will find that those who are married, those who have achieved little, those who are rich and have their own troubles.

As Wang Shi said a few days ago, how to spend money is also a matter of great anxiety.

This sounds a bit shocking, but one thing is beyond doubt, that is, in the face of anxiety, everyone is equal.

Since we cant get rid of it, we have to retreat to the next place and think about this problem clearly

How to live with anxiety?

To live with anxiety, the first thing to do is to understand it correctly.

Anxiety is really not a good thing on the emotional level.

When you are anxious about a person or a thing, you will be restless, uneasy, even flustered and shaking hands.

But proper anxiety is good for us.

The biggest benefit of anxiety is that we dont indulge in the comfort zone.

The comfort zone is the place where one is most familiar and comfortable.

However, if we stay in the comfort zone all the time, our cognition and ability may never be broadened, and we can only choose to live in a limited number of known areas.

So if you need to keep improving, getting better and stronger, get out of your comfort zone.

Of course, when things go too far, they become problems.

In our daily life, people who suffer from excessive anxiety often have such a mentality:

We cant accept the uncertainty in our life. In other words, we cant allow ourselves to make mistakes or accept the results that are not what we want.

That is to say, whenever there is a little uncertainty in their lives, they will be upset.

For example, like a person, but in case of active courtship or confession after being rejected?

Its worrying;

Im going to visit a customer tomorrow. What if the order is not taken down?

Its worrying;

I have to catch a plane at the airport in the afternoon. What should I do in case of traffic jam?

Its worrying.

Psychological research has confirmed that the anxiety caused by absolute expectation or requirement can greatly reduce a persons quality of life.

Therefore, for anxious people, the most important thing to adjust is to change their attitude towards the uncertainty in life and to allow some accidents or even mistakes in life.

In this regard, children are our best teachers.

Those babbling children will fall a lot when they learn to walk, but are they anxious?


Similarly, when they learn to speak, they speak a lot of alien language, but are they anxious?


In real life, the important thing is not how many detours you take, but not to stop exploring.

The more you explore, the more opportunities you may have to make mistakes, but the more experience you have accumulated, you are more likely to succeed than those who dare not make mistakes.

With this in mind, youll find that the best way to beat anxiety is not to escape and stay away, but to overcome your instinctive fear and face up and do what makes you anxious.

When you dont know what to do, try your best to do every little thing at hand; when you dont know how to start, try to do the closest thing to you!

The logic of life is that sometimes the more you want, the more you lose. The more anxious you are, the more likely things will happen that you worry about.

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