Be a child in the sun and an adult in the wind and rain

 Be a child in the sun and an adult in the wind and rain

Therefore, the passion that has been brewing for a long time in my heart is instantly quenched, and I feel that the other partys distrust of himself is coming. Day after day, the quarrel continued.

The other party thinks that it is good for me, and let me know that the road ahead is long, rugged and dangerous. Only by preparing for the worst, can I be comfortable and not hurt too much because of failure.

In fact, in retrospect, in this process, no one is right or wrong, just too deliberately use self righteous good ideas to change the other partys understanding of the world. He hopes that I can grow up faster, and I hope that I can always be happy to do anything and always find a way to solve problems. Moreover, as long as you are around me, you will have enough courage u3002

When I was young, I felt no pain when I didnt hit the south wall, and I was still unwilling to even have my head broken and bleeding.

I used to think that smile is the best umbrella, until the man who was unprepared for the benefit stretched out his knife behind his back. I thought all the silent efforts were worth it, until the questioning eyes swept towards me intentionally or unintentionally. I also thought that the sincerity could be handed over to the sincerity until all the good intentions were reversed

It turned out that in my eyes, he had already seen through all kinds of good and evil here, and wanted to save me in the fire and water, but I was stubborn and refused to turn back, and insisted on my own way.

I dont know if you can understand my loss and sadness, always afraid of being hurt, afraid of being disappointed again and again, and disappointed in the world.

So every step is careful, every word is thought before and after, for fear of doing something wrong, and accidentally causing trouble. Tightly wrapped in their own, do not dare to take it lightly.

I knew that I was not happy at that time. My smile on my face was less and less, and my sleep was worse and worse. Dark circles of eyes and poor skin condition covered up the vitality and enthusiasm that I should have in my twenties. No matter how much expensive maintenance products and thick makeup, I couldnt stop the melancholy look on my face.

In this world, no one can really teach you to grow up, only you. Young stubborn let us willfully define everything as black or white, do not understand the tact, do not know what the world is.

But the workplace has the rules of the workplace, and every way of dealing with people has its own reason.

There are no born villains, but love themselves too much and treat others in the wrong way; there is no so-called fairness and unfairness, only seeing or not seeing; there is no so-called worth not worth, only thinking or not thinking.

A while ago, I chatted with my friends occasionally, and I couldnt help sighing. After years of struggling in the workplace, I grew older and suffered more and more losses, but I still couldnt learn how to protect myself.

The friend jokingly said: is not it, who knows the next opponent out of what tricks, when playing the game to break through, see the move, fear what.

I suddenly think of myself many years ago. I have also compared my life to customs clearance time and time again. With a game mentality, I greet every battle with unrestrained and happy attitude. I dont admit defeat or bow down.

All those experiences just let me know that when the strong is strong, those wrong things that will bring harm should be pushed far away, and learn how to be a better and more real self. In the small world that has always been beautiful, free and easy, true, and brave to move forward with a smile.

So sometimes I think, in fact, no matter how many years have passed and how fast the years are approaching, I am still the same as I am, like a child in the sun, contented and simple and happy.

In the wind and rain, we are the first adults, many of the truth is not even heard even understand, to understand, so you can be sad, can not be so strong, but please make efforts to be an adult who will not be knocked down.

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