Interview with Xu Ziyin: nothing can defeat me except wink

 Interview with Xu Ziyin: nothing can defeat me except wink

She is the most beautiful vocal in Qingyou 2, the performer of Xiaohua in the Song Dynasty youth annals, the Baoyan Xueba of Nortel, the difficult household of expression management, and the outstanding contrast cute player with excellent singing and dancing.

Where will Jingmei fly after she breaks away from her identity? Has meat learned wink today? Dont worry, youth has her, sunshine girl, Xu Ziyin!

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Sunshine girl|phase I interview: Xu Ziyin (source: Netease fashion)


On the day of the interview, when sister Yi saw the meat, she came to her face with a breath of youth and vitality. The girl with 100% vigor and vitality without any decoration announced how the increasingly busy meat kept in good condition at all times?

Netease fashion: summer, sunshine, freshness, when you mention these keywords, what kind of scene will you think of in your mind for the first time?

Xu Ziyin: seaside, beach, surfboard.

Netease fashion: during the shooting of Qing you 2, other girls often put their hands on their training clothes. Do you have any designs to break the stereotyped uniform?

NetEase fashion: in addition to the daily big waves, you have also tried some very distinctive hairstyles, such as super long lantern braids and double horsetail braids. What are the two little stories behind these models? How does it feel to try a new look? Will you try short hair in the future?

Xu Ziyin: I like to change. I change my make-up according to my mood every day. In fact, for me, all girls understand it! The happiest moment of every day is looking at your pile of cosmetics - ah, which one should I use today~~

Xu Ziyin: in fact, I used to be quite fat. I had a high speed of 120 kg in junior high school and high school. After that, I was able to lose weight because of dancing. I also had a lot of exercise. My personal situation is, for example, if I dance five to six hours a day, I wont be able to eat. This is a faster way to lose weight!

Part 2 upupup

What kind of meat players are they in? Acting, singing, dancing Has she ever encountered a bottle neck in all-round development in different fields?

This is a logical, rigorous and organized answer.

Xu Ziyin: when I was a child, I was a child who was more active in literature and art, but I didnt think about it as my main business. In fact, the motivation of performance test is very simple, that is, to have a try, I have a look at the content of the exam: singing, dancing, lines, I seem to be able to do a little bit! At that time, some people suggested that I should take the music department. Considering the employment factor, I felt that the employment rate of actors was slightly better than that of singers and artists, so I chose a major that could also make some music at the same time, and also have some connection with the stage. I went to Beidian because I passed the exam.

Netease fashion: as a vocal, do you think talent or effort is important? What kind of person do you belong to?

Xu Ziyin: in fact, someone has already given the answer to this question. Genius is 99% effort plus 1% talent, but this 1% talent is indispensable. I think Im hard-working, especially in singing. I have a certain ability to imitate and appreciate. But Im not one who can sing very well as soon as I get the song. I need to be familiar with it and practice it constantly.

Netease fashion: do the students in Qing you 2 still keep in touch?

Xu Ziyin: Yes, we are in touch every day. Two days ago, Nai Wan Fage was in the group. She changed her suffix to the new song is really nice. Then all of us were filming her. Everyone was the new song of Pai Nai Wan is really beautiful.~

Netease fashion: from acting to singing and dancing, do you think this is a kind of transformation or multi field development at the same time. Are there any difficulties in the process of continuous challenges?

Xu Ziyin: I think that sometimes I want to meet my fans on the stage very often. But maybe once you choose this time to film, you need to be quiet for a long time. Maybe you cant have so much time to communicate with people who like you and let them see what they are doing during this period of time. This is a relatively difficult balance After all, many fans still like the way I look on the stage.

Netease fashion: as an actor, what kind of role do you want to try next?

Xu Ziyin: I want to try the type of role that is closer to me, because in fact, my previous roles are more about shaping a character than being myself. In fact, I think an actor is very lucky to meet a role that is very close to himself, which I havent met yet.

Netease fashion: I heard that you are also good at Korean and English. Can you give some suggestions to those who are taking part in postgraduate entrance examination or self-taught foreign languages? Call?

Xu Ziyin: I have a lot of suggestions. I just want to watch more and find something I like, such as movies and music. come on. You can do that!

Part 3 quick questions and answers

Netease fashion: quit the game or take selfie

Netease fashion: Mr. Xu or meat

Xu Ziyin: Meat

Netease fashion: think of fans, what is the fastest word in your mind?

Xu Ziyin: meat! (curious, thats what I thought of)

Netease fashion: say a rainbow fart to praise fans in Korean

Xu Ziyin: my children are so beautiful ~ (??????) my children are so beautiful!

Netease fashion: in addition to mobile phone key wallet, the bag can only contain three things, what will you bring?

Netease fashion: three words to describe todays collocation

Netease fashion: have a wink

Xu Ziyin: wait a minute

Netease fashion: represent yourself with an animal

Netease fashion: the latest favorite song

Xu Ziyin: love, existence

Netease fashion: a favorite movie

Netease fashion: the most satisfied body part

Xu Ziyin: earlobe

Netease fashion: imitate your most commonly used expression pack

Xu Ziyin: her most commonly used expression bag is what?

Netease fashion: the most missed food when shooting Qingyou 2

Xu Ziyin: milk tea

Netease fashion: orange or red

Part 4 special interactive session

1. Read rainbow fart created by xiaoroutuan

Ladies and gentlemen, stop to see the beauty Xu Ziyin

Not only can you sing and dance, but you can make all kinds of tunes

The strength of gentle and self disciplined beauty

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Have you learned that~

There is light in her eyes and a bright future ahead. She bravely pursues her dream of performing arts.

There is still a long way to go in the future!