Loss of customers in the restaurant

 Loss of customers in the restaurant

Surveillance video inside the store showed that at 8:09 p.m., a man in a cap and black T-shirt walked to the door of the restaurant after eating. When he came to the restaurant stall, the man suddenly threw the white paper ball in his hand into the saucepan. At that time, the other customers who happened to pass by also cast surprised eyes to the man, but the man did not care at all and left the restaurant directly.

After the incident, the staff quickly fished out the paper ball in the old soup pot and stopped the sale of stewed dishes in the store. The most distressing thing for the staff was that all the bittern and soup materials could only be poured out that night, and then the soup pot had to be disinfected.

Master Sun said that stewed food is the signature food of hotpot shop, and it is very popular with diners. Marinated food materials need complex process and use a variety of seasonings. In addition to the pot marinade need to be completely poured out, its secret old soup can not continue to use. It can be said that a group of napkins destroyed a pot of soup, which also made the restaurant lose a lot.

Mr. Sun said that thanks to the staffs timely detection, otherwise, if the dishes were contaminated and the customers ate bad stomachs, the consequences would be even more serious. At present, the restaurant has reported to the public security organs, and the police are investigating.