What happened to the Americans who fled Wuhan?

 What happened to the Americans who fled Wuhan?

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The epidemic situation in China has long been stable, while abroad, people are still in fear.

On August 22, an American netizen posted a video in tiktok.

Its called comparison of the duration of the new crown in different countries.

In the video, he uses the clock mode.

They are 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

He used his arm as the hour hand to show when countries could control the epidemic.

In China, the hour hand points to three months.

In Italy, the hour hand points to six months..

In the United States, the hour hand keeps turning, without pointing.

This video, seemingly funny, is actually very sad.

Other countries have a beginning and a ending, but the United States is deteriorating.

People cant escape, cant hide, watching their country fall day by day.

They howled and screamed, and they didnt help.

Especially those who are desperate to escape from China to the United States.

At first, they thought it would be safe to return to the United States.

Now, in the United States, I feel very bad.

If only we could choose again.

Just, no if.

A while ago, the 8-year-old Hermione family all had new crowns.

They live in small counties in rural America.

Back in the country, just to isolate the virus.

But the virus is pervasive.

Hao mins father thinks that all this is very ironic.

At the beginning, he made great efforts to send Hao min back to the United States from Wuhan.

Who knows, the United States is so frustrated.

Hermione was born in Shiyan, Hubei Province, China.

Her parents are teachers in Shiyan.

After that, they moved to Wuhan.

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Until 2017, Hermiones parents divorced and separated.

Her mother stayed in Wuhan and her father went to Changsha.

In January 2020, Hermione went to Wuhan to visit her mother. When she met with the closure of Wuhan, she couldnt come out or go in.

Her father is far away in Changsha, watching his ex-wife and daughter trapped in Wuhan, panic.

He was afraid that his daughters resistance was poor and he was infected.

So he decided to send his ex-wife and daughter back to the United States.

At that time, there were only five cases in the United States.

Relatively safe.

But here comes the question.

All the traffic is blocked. How can I get back to America?

He wanted to turn to American media for help.

In many media reports, he finally got two seats back to the United States.

Hao min and her mother rushed to the airport.

Hao mins passport is missing.

The first plan to escape from Wuhan ended in failure.

Hao mins father was unwilling to give up for his daughters safety.

At his insistence, he got two special flights back to the United States.

Hao min and her mother successfully took the plane back to the United States.

The tight heart of the family finally relaxed.

Back in the United States, they remained on high alert.

The number of confirmed cases in the United States has gone from a few to several hundred and then to several million.

everybody will be deterred by the danger.

Hao mins family didnt escape. The whole family was infected.

Fortunately, the family is only mild.

When the reporter interviewed Hao mins father again, he felt remorseful.

He said:

Hes right. Its the naked reality of America.

In the United States, there is no ZF dependency, no one to help you.

Only self crossing.

On July 30, Stacey, an old American, published her husbands obituary in the local newspaper.

In late March, David, 79, was admitted to hospital because of a fall.

During the outbreak, all parts of the country were blocked, and family members could only visit outside the window every day.

Four months later, unfortunately, it happened.

David is infected with the virus.

It is despairing that his condition worsens day by day.

On July 22, David left.

Stacey said in:


Davids death could have been avoided! The death of him and all the innocent people should be blamed for trump and those who do not take this epidemic seriously. In particular, as president, trump, he is more concerned about his reputation and votes than his life.

In short, David died of American hubris and selfishness.

Shes absolutely right.

As president, trump only cares about his own interests.

He has nothing to do with the safety of the whole nation.

From the elderly to the children.

Some time ago, I saw a shocking news.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 97000 children in the United States were infected with the new coronavirus in the last two weeks of July.

This figure accounts for more than a quarter of the total number of children diagnosed in the United States since March this year.

In other words, nearly 100000 children in the United States are infected with the virus within two weeks.

For some time to come, it will be the peak time for students to return to school.

If we do not raise our vigilance, the consequences will be unimaginable.

But do you know what trump said?

On August 10, trump stressed at a press conference that children are almost immune to the new crown.

Yeah? Is economic operation more important?

Isnt the life of a child?

However, the ignorance of adults is harmful to the elderly and children.

What did they do wrong?

Whether its Hao mins family, David, who fled from Wuhan to the United States, or thousands of American children, they are right.

In such a country, the virus is regarded as nothing, the management is loose and the leadership is incompetent. As soon as the epidemic situation comes, it will inevitably cause disaster.

This reminds me of Wuhan at the end of January.

At that time, all people talk about Chinese color change.

On January 23, 2020, Wuhan announced the closure of the city.

A few months later, Wuhan survived the cold winter and spring arrived as scheduled.

On August 18, Wuhan Water Park appeared twitter hot search list.

There, there was a lot of noise and excitement.

Foreigners are stunned.

Are they not afraid of infection when so many of them come together?

I was afraid, but Im not afraid now.

After May, there were no more cases in Wuhan.

All kinds of signs show that: this heroic city is back!

Source: Xinhua News Agency

These photos were spread on the Internet.

Some foreign netizens questioned that it was a set shot.

Pictures can be taken, but the smile on the face cant deceive people.

Besides, Chinese people are not so despicable.

Its not necessary to shoot for the sake of setting up the racket.

Some foreign netizens began to reflect on their own country.

China has taken decisive anti epidemic measures.

But what about that?

While suffering from endless cold eyes, China is doing its best to protect its country.

Facts have proved that no country in the world can turn the tide like China.

When one side is in trouble, the other side will support it; when it comes to overcoming the difficulties, we will be in the same boat.

Adhere to the concept of peoples life safety is above everything and fight against virus.

Because of countless of them, the epidemic has been quickly overcome.

China soon recovered.

But we also have to remember: there is no one in the world is an island.

So is the state.

As long as the epidemic does not completely dissipate, we should always be vigilant.

Disaster has always been a mirror of national soul. China has always been great!