Yue Yunpeng overturned again? Public ridicule of lisdanis thick legs

 Yue Yunpeng overturned again? Public ridicule of lisdanis thick legs

At the time, Li was sharing her story that her parents didnt support hip-hop dancing at first. Yue Yunpeng suddenly interposed that he did not think she was suitable for dancing, and said that Li stani had thick legs.

Li stanis expression was very hurt. She widened her mouth and asked Yue Yunpeng why she said that, saying that she was very sad. The host next to Li explained that her legs were thick just because of her sitting posture. Yue Yunpeng began to comfort Li stani.

Yue Yunpeng laughs at Li stanis ankle

But then, when Li stani said he had no ankle, Yue Yunpeng laughed at her again. Such comments made many viewers feel uncomfortable, and some netizens went to Yue Yunpengs comment area to complain about Li sidanyis injustice and attacked Yue Yunpengs appearance.

It is not the first time that Yue Yunpeng has made inappropriate remarks and deeds in the program.

Yue Yunpeng hugs Kong Xueer

In the closing night program of extreme challenge, Kong Xueer was held in his arms by Yue Yunpeng after he successfully attacked Lei Jiayin. Yue Yunpeng held Kong Xueer very tightly, and his whole body was forced to press against Yue Yunpengs arm. In order to appear less embarrassed, Kong Xueers head was always leaning outward, his shoulders were buttoned in, and his body was always in a forward posture. In the interval of walking, Kong Xueer looks at the camera lens and politely covers her mouth with a smile to cover up her embarrassment.

During the same period of the program, Yue Yunpeng suddenly put his hand into the pants pocket of Lu Keran, a member of the womens League. This move was also considered inappropriate by many viewers.

Its recommended for married men? Yue Yunpeng hugs Kong Xueer to show her love; her face is full of embarrassment; Yue Yunpengs signature photo was sold for 0.01 yuan. The original said: Im so happy that Yue Yunpeng handwritten the college entrance examination report card for himself, but even calculated the total score. Source: Netease Entertainment manuscript editor in charge: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351