Junior high school students were detained in the hospital for 53 days after their classmates cut their throat

 Junior high school students were detained in the hospital for 53 days after their classmates cut their throat

Before that, in front of the campus, a junior high school student, Yang, had an argument with Wang in the school after school. Later, Wang bought an art knife outside the school and cut his neck from Yangs back. After being sent to the hospital, Yangs wound was about 10 cm long and 3 cm deep.

On July 5, Shuocheng branch of Shuozhou Municipal Public Security Bureau issued an administrative punishment: Wang was detained for 10 days and fined 500 yuan. Wang was not detained because he was 14 years old but not 16 years old. The family members of the injured students said they could not accept the verdict.

Family members told reporters that after the incident, Wangs family did not make a word of apology and compensation for peace talks, but now they are unable to pay due to more than 4000 yuan of medical expenses owed to the hospital, and Yang is facing the risk of staying in the hospital and stopping medicine.

In the latest police report, on the day of the crime, the police controlled Wang. However, because Wang was a minor, he did not carry out administrative detention. It is necessary to wait for the relevant departments to issue Yangs injury identification, and then deal with him accordingly. At present, the relevant departments are carrying out judicial assistance for Yang.

The boy was detained in the hospital for 53 days after his classmate cut his throat. The boys rude response: what do you think after asking four or five times?

The scene of the incident

Cover news reporter song Xiaoyang Li

Two teenagers in Shanxi quarreled over trivial matters at the school gate and had physical conflicts. But what happened next was beyond all peoples imagination: one of the teenagers with the surname of Wang ran into the stationery store to buy an art knife and scratched it to Guo Yu, who had just had a quarrel. After being scratched, Guo Yu fell to the ground with his wound covered

This is a case of injury at the entrance of the second middle school in Shuozhou District, Shanxi Province on July 4. After the incident,

School uniform dyed red with blood

Guo Yus life was saved because he was close to the hospital and was sutured to stop bleeding.

The next day, the Shuocheng branch of Shuozhou Municipal Public Security Bureau issued an administrative punishment letter on this matter: Wang Bing was detained for 10 days and fined 500 yuan. Because Wang Bing was 14 years old but not 16 years old, he did not carry out the administrative detention.

What makes him most angry is that the perpetrator has not apologized so far, and the perpetrator has not been put into detention because he is under the age of 16, which is hard to accept.

Campus quarrel risks death

Cut throat by classmate with art knife

Lying on the hospital bed, Guo Yu raised his head slightly. A centipede shaped suture wound about 10 cm on the left side of his neck was clearly visible. Every time he saw this nearly fatal wound on his son, Guo Xianglin, as a father, was both distressed and angry.

Guo Yu is a junior high school student in Shuocheng District No.2 Middle School. He has just participated in the high school entrance examination this year. In the eyes of his family, he is just over 16 years old. He is usually lively and cheerful. He seldom hears that he will have conflicts with any of his classmates.

But on July 4, Guo Yu was at the school gate when he was caught in an accident. In the afternoon of that day, he met Wang Bing, a classmate of the same grade but in different classes, and had a quarrel, which led to physical conflict, but was soon pulled away by other students around him.

Guo Yus family recalled that after the incident, they received calls from other students. When they arrived, his school uniform was covered with blood, and he almost fainted. When Guo Yu was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, because of his serious injury, many hospitals could only simply stop bleeding and did not have the treatment conditions such as suture. Finally, his family sent him to the peoples Hospital of Shanxi Province for stitching. It was almost early in the morning.

A diagnosis issued by the peoples Hospital of Shanxi Province showed that Guo Yus left neck was injured for 7 hours, with a length of about 10 cm and a depth of about 3 cm. No blood vessel or muscle rupture was found. After suturing in the hospital, Guo Yu was transferred to Shuocheng peoples Hospital for follow-up treatment.

Hospital diagnosis results

No detention under the age of 16

It is difficult for the family members to accept the punishment of the public security department, and they are expected to be punished seriously

After the incident, Guo Yus family called the police.

The decision of Shuozhou branch of Shanxi Province on punishment

This punishment decision is hard for Guo Yus family to accept. Father Guo Xianglin said that his son was seriously injured and almost cut off the main artery. 54 days later, he is still lying in the hospital bed. What worries him more is the childs psychology.

My son was lively and cheerful before. After experiencing this injury, he hardly spoke for so many days. He said that his son not only nearly suffered fatal injuries physically, but also suffered a lot of psychological injuries, but the perpetrators family has not apologized, and can be exempted from criminal punishment depending on their age? Its very angry and hard to accept.

On August 27, Guo Xianglin told reporters that their family situation was not good. They and his wife usually worked part-time jobs for their children to live and study. Three years ago, Guo Yus grandfather was admitted to hospital because of injuries to his hands and feet. Not only has he spent all his savings, but now his family is still working to pay off the debt. With Guo Yus medical expenses, it is really worse. Now he still owes the hospital more than 4000 yuan for treatment, which can not be paid. The perpetrators do not apologize, nor ask about medical expenses and compensation.

Guo Xianglin choked several times and said that the incident happened in July, near the high school entrance examination. After Guo Yu was injured, with the help of the school teacher, he tried to take part in the examination in the school. However, because of the injury, he failed to do the test, I dont know what to do with my study in the future?

Knife wielding students responded:

This matter has been asked five or six times. What else do you want?

It is understood that the assailant, Wang Bing, is 15 years old and lives in a residential area of Shuocheng city.

On the afternoon of the 27th, the reporter contacted Wang Bings family by telephone. A woman who got through to the phone said she was Wang Bings mother. When the reporter continued to ask her about what happened at the gate of the school on July 4, and that Guo Yu was still in the hospital for treatment, she immediately asked her son to answer after two um words, and then gave the phone call to Wang Bing, who had a short talk with the reporter.

Reporter: Why did you quarrel with Guo Yu that day? Why stab him with a knife?

Wang Bing: hang up.

Reporter: now Guo Yu is in hospital. Has he visited or talked about how to deal with this matter?

Later, Wang Bings mother answered the phone again and said hang up, saying that she did not want to say more.

School response: both of them have graduated and relevant departments are dealing with it

In view of this matter, the reporter contacted Mr. Wu, the relevant person in charge of the second middle school of Shuo district. The other side told reporters that the relevant departments are dealing with the matter that Guo Yu and Wang Bing were cut off due to a quarrel. As an individual, he was inconvenient to state, they all took part in the high school entrance examination and all graduated. The relevant departments are investigating, and the school and other people are inconvenient to accept interviews.

In the afternoon of the same day, the reporter tried to contact the local police station to ask if there was any new progress in the case. They were not contacted before the press release, and the cover news will continue to pay attention to it.

He who has reached the age of 14 may bear criminal responsibility

Ji Shijun, a lawyer from Sichuan fangce law firm, believes that according to Article 9 of the regulations of the peoples Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security, a lighter punishment shall be imposed on those who have reached the age of 14 but less than 18 years of age who violate the administration of public security; those under the age of 14 who violate the administration of public security shall be exempted from punishment, but they can be admonished and their guardians shall be ordered to strictly discipline them. This provision is only applicable to the punishment of illegal acts in violation of public security.

However, in this case, the perpetrator is already in the third year of junior high school and has reached the age of 15 and has sufficient knowledge of the consequences of throat cutting. Therefore, the public security organ should file a case. According to Article 17 of the criminal law of the peoples Republic of China, a person who has reached the age of 14 but not the age of 16 commits intentional homicide, intentional injury, serious injury or death, rape, robbery, etc Whoever commits the crime of trafficking in drugs, setting fire, exploding or dropping dangerous substances shall bear criminal responsibility. Therefore, the public security organ can detain the criminal student in this case, and as the family members of the injured student, they can have the right of civil claim against the guardian of the student who committed the crime.

(Guo Yu, Wang Bing and Guo Xianglin are pseudonyms)

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The teenager was detained in hospital for 53 days after his classmate cut his throat