Being ridiculed, throwing stones, being seen as monkey in amusement park: the darkness of human nature is too terrible

 Being ridiculed, throwing stones, being seen as monkey in amusement park: the darkness of human nature is too terrible

They come from all over the country and come here to make a living because of their dwarfism.

Every day, tourists come to see their performances.

They are wearing dancing clothes and dancing in Swan Lake;

Perform boxing;


Feed the pigs.

The tourists hold up their mobile phones and clap at them.

They call me dwarf, I have no idea, but call me little man, I have too much idea.

He is an actor in a theme park.

Before entering the garden, he had been wandering outside without a fixed source of income.

The only one who saved some money was cheated out.

Forced by helplessness, he came to the theme park.

In addition to performing programs, it also meets other requirements of tourists.

For example, take a group photo.

As an actor in an amusement park,

These dwarfism patients are not happy to take pictures with tourists.

Because in the minds of tourists, they are just dwarfs.

Taking pictures is nothing more than a fresh picture.

Sometimes they are eating, and these tourists are taking pictures with their mobile phones.

Li Yingan would politely say to the tourists, Hello, please take pictures when we perform.

The tourists are not happy and scold loudly: we spent money to see you specially!

Source: surging news

At the theme park, dwarfs feel like circus monkeys,

Be surrounded by people for pleasure.

This is their haven,

But destined to be monkey in the zoo..

Stability and respect, its hard to unify.

This is them, a special group of people in society, people with dwarfism.

Dwarfism, also known as dwarfism.

Because the body lacks growth hormone, causes the height to be shorter than 30% of the normal person.

It has always been between patients and disabled people.

Because they are too short, they have suffered discrimination from childhood.

The road to growth is extremely difficult.

Dashuang and Xiaoshuang are twin brothers from Sichuan.

Source: parents in the world

Source: parents in the world

It is very unlikely that identical twins will develop this disease.

So far, they are only 90 centimeters tall.

Source: parents in the world

They have to face the different eyes from the outside world.

Some children even throw stones at them.

The father of big and small twins saw that their two sons were wronged,

But nothing can be done.

Can only cry in secret.

In the end, big and small cant even learn,

He left school early to learn art.

In 2004, when they were only eight years old, they were both big and small,

Under the guidance of master,

I learned to speak, learn, tease and sing.

Most importantly, they are no longer afraid of strangers.

Ive been a welcome guest,

Due to the limitation of height, I had to do stage performance in the end.

They set up a wedding planning company of their own.

In the first year, it lost 90000 yuan.

No contacts,

Whats more, their height makes guests distrustful.

But they are still undaunted.

As long as you are free, practice basic skills,

Study new ways of acting.

Children without umbrellas can only run as fast as they can.

Even if fate gives them injustice,

We have to struggle.

In the documentary Rhapsody of little people, there is a girl named Chloe.

As a child, she was like a normal child.

He is lively and cheerful.

Source: Rhapsody

Why is your head so big?

Why are you so short?

Source: Rhapsody

She became more and more self abased.

She longed for a kind of magic in the world,

Make yourself tall.

To this end, she found the only doctor in France who could do the operation, Dr. mark.

Source: Rhapsody

Now the height is 1.33 meters.

This time, she decided to replace the steel stud in her thigh.

Hope to increase 6 cm again.

Heightening surgery looks terrible.

Source: Rhapsody

Cut it into two sections.

Insert a mechanism.

This mechanism will rise by 1 mm as the bone rotates.

After surgery, Chloe needs to rotate the extension rod every day,

Looking at the doctors account,

Fill your brain and youll know how painful it is.

Breaking and reconstituting the original body tissue,

This is against the structure of the human body.

Chloe will face all the complications and pain of surgery.

But Chloe had no regrets.

She wanted to get rid of dwarfism.

Even if it can only increase by 6 cm;

Even if the operation will bring her huge sequelae in the future.

Shes not afraid.

However, surgery does not cure dwarfism.

It can only help her grow a few centimeters. The real dilemma is still there and will not disappear.

We cant imagine how painful the aftermath of Chloe would be.

The height that we average people have,

In Chloes eyes, it was a dream of his life.

If it had not suffered too much discrimination and blindness,

How could Chloe risk her life to rise.

The fact is, these dwarfism patients have been living on the edge of society.

A nine year old boy with dwarfism in Australia,

Crying and crying for suicide.

He just wanted to play with his classmates,

What did you do wrong?

But societys malice towards them goes far beyond that.

They look for jobs and are turned down;

They are clearly healthy, but they are regarded as disabled.

They want to be like normal people,

Study, live and work.

But they were all turned away.

Living in the gutter, you still have the right to look up at the stars.

These dwarfism patients, life does not do evil, do not cheat, good, hard life. Theyre just a little shorter than normal people,

You lose the right to dream.

A civilized society should have compassion for the weak.

So I hope:

Parents can educate their children, treat the weak equally and do not discriminate against people with dwarfism;

The school can eliminate the campus violence, do not let them be hurt;

Social employment agencies should be more diversified and tolerant, and provide them with more suitable jobs as far as possible.

Society is not an island.

We connect to each other and become land.

What connects us is goodwill and understanding, the rule of law and conscience.

Remember, anyone can fall into trouble. At that time, we will understand that our white eyes were eating back at ourselves. At that time, our mockery also reversed the direction and began to hurt ourselves.

Author: Lu Ying