Whether a man loves you or not depends on this detail: where the money is spent represents where his heart is

 Whether a man loves you or not depends on this detail: where the money is spent represents where his heart is

How he arranges these extraneous things can judge his financial situation and how much he attaches importance to you.

My boyfriend and I have just received the certificate. We havent had a wedding yet. We expect to have another wedding on National Day this year.

The problem of RV is a little embarrassing, but it is not enough to affect our feelings. We have plans.

The two of us work in Qingdao, Shandong Province. He doesnt have a house here, but he has one in his hometown. His parents live there.

Considering that we want to take root in Qingdao in the future, we are determined to buy a house in Qingdao.

As for the car, he bought it shortly after we were together.

Now we are trying to make money and save money. We want to get enough down payment for the house as soon as possible.

Lets talk about the progress bar of our love, which is also very fast.

After about eight months in love, we will get married.

The reason why I decided to marry this man so quickly has something to do with his many details.

In the second month of the relationship, he took me home to meet his parents.

He also mentioned it to me on his own initiative. He said that he hoped his parents would know me soon.

Then, after some preparation, I, the ugly daughter-in-law, met the mother-in-law to be.

I dont know if you have this feeling: when you meet your parents, you subconsciously feel that you are recognized by the other family, or you are very happy.

In the third month after the relationship was established, he liked to give me money for fear that I would not have enough to eat.

Because of the nature of my work, I am now in the period of regular training, and my salary is very small.

He seldom spends money on his own. Every time he goes out on a date, he pays, eats and plays.

As we prefer reading books, we also try to borrow books in places like the library.

Every month, when his salary arrives, he transfers part of the money to me and saves the rest as down payment. He tells me from time to time how much money he has saved.

He has financial intention and no debt. He has been saving money regularly every month since he worked.

In addition, he himself is also keen to study what reliable ways to earn extra money, accumulated over time, the number is quite considerable.

With his practical actions, he showed me his determination to buy a house. Such a man with execution and plan can make people feel safe.

So, when he asked me to marry him, I agreed, for fear that such a good man would be found by other women.

Some girls often tell me that they have encountered emotional problems. In the process of telling about the various evils of slag man, they usually use a sentence to emphasize that slag man is really good - although he has nothing, he is very good to me.

So, since he has nothing, no house and no car, what can he use to promise your future?

And, precisely because he has nothing, he can only purposefully treat you, in order to impress you and make you ignore the current economic weakness.

Love, there are grades, invite you to have a meal, take you out to eat, buy clothes for you, these are all basic, you change a new boyfriend, he can still do.

However, if a man is willing to show his sincerity, for example, to let his parents recognize you, also has a plan for the future of two people, and will discuss with you about buying a house, then this is the real love, because he has spent his mind.

Where his money is spent represents where his heart is. It is in these details that true feelings can be seen. It can defeat love and can also achieve love.

Love to talk about love, love to talk about money, these eight words are really heart piercing.

However, in marriage, if two people have basic trust, respect and love, the distribution of money will not become a problem.

If two people have weak emotional foundation, lack of trust in marriage, have different ideas, lack of respect for the other half, fear of love, and fail to reach an agreement on future planning, the problem of money distribution will naturally protrude and become the focus of contradiction.

The contradiction of money is only the external embodiment of the interaction between two people.

Reflected from the back, but not enough love each other.


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