In the face of emotional betrayal, we must have the courage to face everything

 In the face of emotional betrayal, we must have the courage to face everything

Yes, in the field of emotional we media, I should be a unique existence. I am not good at chasing hot spots, nor do I like to tell stories. I never earn traffic from readers stories.

My article is to make an in-depth analysis of feelings, especially emotional betrayal, to sort out the problems one by one, and then to interpret them one by one, and to face and solve them one by one. In emotional we media, my articles are more operational, at least not pure chicken soup articles, nor are they guidance articles for selling knowledge and courses.

My purpose is to help those who have been hurt in the emotional world to finally be healed, relieved, able to return to this warm world and regain their happiness.

For all people, when encountering emotional injury and betrayal, they are in great pain and suffering. At the moment, life is not as good as death. Everyone tries to save himself in his own way, so that he can be free from the endless sea of suffering.

However, are your ideas right, your methods correct, and what are the results

We must realize that if we want to find the right way to solve the problem, we must first have a correct understanding of the problem and find the root of the problem. Then, many people may have deviated from the beginning.

For example, what is the reason behind the attribution of betrayal -- emotional betrayal?

In the matter of emotional betrayal, in fact, it has nothing to do with whether the betrayed person is good or bad, whether there is a problem with marriage, etc. About this, I have written too many articles to talk about this issue, or that sentence, if really inappropriate, if really dissatisfied, divorce is, do not need betrayal.

So, what led to the betrayal? Of course, it was the betrayers inner selfishness. Dont make any excuses for it. This sentence is for you, not for the person who betrayed you. In fact, many people who have suffered from emotional betrayal are actually defending the other partys betrayal.

Why do you, as a betrayed person, make such an excuse psychologically for the other party? One is that you dont want to deny the past or the people you have chosen; the other is that you want to give yourself hope to support your idea of going on. If you admit that the other person is selfish, you may lose the confidence to continue to live with the other person.

When you think that there are problems in marriage and you are not good enough, you will betray yourself. Under this understanding, you will adjust your words and deeds in marriage and be careful at any time; you will try to please and cater to each other and be humble at any time - the final result will only make you more painful and sad in this relationship.

If you define betrayal as the other partys selfishness, then you will understand that the best way to face a selfish person is to learn to protect yourself; of course, you should learn to look down on the relationship with this person, especially feelings. Correspondingly, no matter how hard it is, we must learn to rely on ourselves and strive to improve ourselves.

Dont comfort yourself that he still loves me, he just lost his mind temporarily; he treats me well in other aspects, but this problem hurts me; he will come back sooner or later, I just need to be good to him all the time

Some of these thoughts and ideas may be just wishful thinking of self deception - so now you understand why some people say it takes courage to read my article.

In the face of divorce, all people are fragile and afraid. Some people cant divorce at all, so they comfort themselves with various excuses and paralyze themselves in a marriage without dignity and self loss. However, what they lack is the courage to overcome the fear of divorce and the solutions to the obstacles in divorce u2014u2014And all I can help is the latter.

Sometimes this kind of help is almost scolded. Some readers who are familiar with me often say to me: teacher, come on, wake me up!

That minute, I suddenly felt that understanding is the most difficult and precious thing in the world.

It is true that I will occasionally fall into self questioning. Is it necessary to talk about these issues so seriously? I can write lace, gossip and cook chicken soup like many other people The traffic will probably be more or less. However, in that case, it is not my original intention, and I will not be me.

I dont do publicity, and I dont accept advertisements, because I think that all the people who can read my articles depend on fate. And I also believe that fate is a magical thing, and it must have its special significance.

Behind the fate, there is the agreement of the three outlooks. The people who agree with the three outlooks are not tired of communication, whether they are intimate couples or strangers.