This generation of women can be really sensible, a quarrel on the first admit wrong, good can endure oh

 This generation of women can be really sensible, a quarrel on the first admit wrong, good can endure oh

Boyfriend: Im with my clients.

Girlfriend: you accompany your clients, I will not pay attention to you any more.

Boyfriend: Im really with clients.

Girlfriend: OK, lets break up!

Boyfriend: just a moment. Im with the client.

Meet such a man, you want to chop him every minute, however, it is not. In the end, the girl apologized and thought that she shouldnt pester him during the working hours, so that they could make up again.

My best friend complained to me. He said that its hard to please a man now. If he doesnt go well, he will leave without even bringing back his head.

She said that she sent more than 10 messages on wechat, and finally he sent him off with a um reply. However, you cant argue with him. He has a bigger temper than you, and you will be in a great loss if you put on the big principles of what work, money and future.

So I had to agree, yes, its hard to be a woman! But I always feel something is wrong.

Ive seen a sentence and I think its very reasonable: what you have now may not be what you want, but its all caused by yourself.

At least few girls really end a relationship because they are busy and reply that they are accompanying customers.

So make complaints about it and use Tucao no way. The key of sentiment is there, and not fundamentally solved.

Nowadays, feminism has been paid more and more attention. A large number of women choose to be single and live a delicate self-interest life. There is nothing wrong with this. We all have the right to choose our own way of life.

After Yang Lipings fans commented on the incident, female stars like Chen Shu and Li Ruo Tong have all come forward to speak out, including Ma Yilis egg independence theory a few days ago, which is to protect the rights and interests that women should be respected.

However, sometimes the louder you shout, the more serious the problem is in some people.

Otherwise, some soul chicken soup related to marriage will no longer have a market, including this article.

So why is there such an extreme polarization problem? The reason is not hard to find.

First, as women become more and more independent, men no longer mind that they must have a partner to accompany them through their life;

Second, it is a common phenomenon to marry and have children at an older age. However, men are more likely to carry on their old age. They can put off a love affair for seven or eight years. For example, the nine-year long-distance run by Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing is beyond the reach of most girls.

These phenomena directly lead to those girls who hate marriage and want to get married and have children. They are in a state of inferiority in spirit, age and material.

In particular, you stand on the man is always very busy, temper is not small, that can only aggrieve themselves, a quarrel had to admit their mistakes.

Is that right? Of course, its not right. If the feelings are not in an equal state, it is difficult to have happiness.


There is a very sad thing, is my own experience. When I was a college student, my cousin got married, and once in a while, I would visit their home. Although my cousin didnt say it directly, I could feel that she was careful and would care about her husbands face.

Especially when relatives go to the family, the performance is particularly obvious, for fear of making mistakes, causing brother-in-law unhappy. This situation changed when my brother-in-laws company closed down and my cousins career soared. Later, when I went back, my brother-in-law became a chore around the kitchen.

So you see, womens status in love does not depend solely on love.

If you can make yourself independent and have your own interests and hobbies in love, you are really feminine.

The essence of a womans sense of crisis and insecurity is her own weakness.

As Wang Xiaobo said, all human suffering is essentially anger at his own incompetence.

If you rely too much on a man, you naturally need to put down your posture and wait for his advice when you chat or watch a movie.

If you cant be equal with him for the time being, you should be cruel enough to change this pattern, otherwise you will always be accommodating him.

The foundation of a good relationship is not afraid to lose it.

Therefore, after the quarrel, do not always rush to admit mistakes, too sensible will not hurt.


Author: Feng Xiaoyi

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