Yue Yunpeng overturned again: Chinese women, really cant be thinner!

 Yue Yunpeng overturned again: Chinese women, really cant be thinner!

Yue Yunpeng quickly changed his words. He said that Li stanis sitting posture just now led to the meat stalls on her legs, which made them look very thick, but they were not thick at all.

But if you say it, its like water thrown out. Its not so easy to take it back.

Netizens saw this video to be already angry.


Yue Yunpeng, official height 1.70 meters.

As we all know, the so-called 170 boys, whether there is such a coincidence, just grow to 170, is always an unsolved mystery.

What about the weight? Nearly 200 Jin.

As early as 2015, Xiao Yueyue once lost weight, from 92.5kg to 83.3kg. Meizizi boasted that he was a Yue type man and Yue fresh meat.

Then it rebounded at a speed visible to the naked eye and continued to gain weight.

But listani, 1.72 meters tall, weighs only 53 kilograms.

Where does Yue Yunpeng have the courage to laugh at lisdanis thick legs???

Its no wonder netizens resent: no matter how thick their legs are, theyre not as thick as your neck!


I believe that Yue Yunpeng himself has no malice.

He is so inadvertently, casually, said a joke that he thought harmless.

Many men are used to saying this to women.

Thats where the real anger is.

Imagine, if a woman of nearly 200 Jin says to a man who is a little higher than herself and weighs about half of herself: your legs are too thick!

How funny that would be.

And if you change the gender, it happens every day.

Two days ago, there was a hot search on Weibo, which was Gong Lis body.

Netizens brush screen Tucao, said Gong Li lost body management, full of meat, make complaints about it.

Ill click in and have a look. This is it???

In the photo, Gong Huang, with a healthy wheat color all over his body and tight muscles in his limbs and back, obviously practiced for a long time. He looks very fit and healthy, and has nothing to do with the word fat.

Because there is no doubt that Gong Li, who is in good shape, has more power to protect herself than before.

If she meets a hooligan on the side of the road, it is estimated that one kick will make the other party lose at least two teeth, and no need to bother anyone.

Such a gong Huang, however, encountered body humiliation. A group of people with beer bellies said to her, you are too fat to look like a woman.


What should a woman look like?

Youd better be white, have no blood on your face, look malnourished, and look like an immature child.

But also thin enough, as weak as a hemp pole, small arms as if broken.

As long as you are weak enough and good enough, I will like you.

Did you find out? In fact, the above standards guide the same direction - that is, discipline women not to arm themselves with strength and mind.

Its a PUA style operation.

When he is kind to you, you will find this kind of contrast cute very interesting, and you are very cute.

And when he turns over, you can understand what that means.

Chinese women, really can not be thinner!

Especially after the septic tank warning and two tons of water warning, we really cant be thinner.

Not to mention anything else, just in Deyun society.

On one side, Yue Yunpeng joked, your legs are very thick.

On the other side is his younger brother Zhang Shaowei joking: friendship tips: if you kill your girlfriend today, Qixi is just over seven.

PUA woman: you should be thinner and thinner.

One side secretly pokes to be proud: a man wants to kill a woman, but its really easy. A woman should thank a man for not killing her.

These two kinds of thoughts, are so casual, like a joke to show.


One netizen said that she had raised a hamster.

She knew that as long as she exerted a little force, the hamster would die and there was no chance of escape.

Of course, she likes this hamster very much. She will never be so cruel.

But she is still glad that she is not a hamster. She doesnt need to put her life in other peoples hands and live on the likes of others.

Girls should believe in their own strength, discard the white, young and thin deformity aesthetic, and live like the emperor Gong.

Dont live as a weak hamster and hand over the fate to others.

Really, there are not many good people who want you to be thin and small and sick.

Two days ago, Zhang Wei said a few classic words:

Women want to be thin. Who said that? Is it because the magazine has been saying that girls must be thin?

The men who run magazines and Design Womens clothes dont like women, do you understand?

I have to say, Zhang Wei, you know too much!

Regardless of gender orientation, when a man asks you to be skinny.

The person who really loves you must hope you are better and stronger. Its better to have flesh on your face, have strength in your hands, be full of vigor, be big in five and thick in three.

Dont believe it? Just ask my mom.