Wechat internal test group live entrance may open the era of nationwide live broadcasting

 Wechat internal test group live entrance may open the era of nationwide live broadcasting

In August 28th, according to the official account of micro jam, many WeChat users found that click chat dialog box + in group chat scene, and the group live broadcast entrance appeared in the bottom menu bar. At present, this function is being tested in gray scale.

The screenshot shows that group live supports real-time video with other members of the group. After the live broadcast is launched, the live link will be automatically sent out in the group, and x live broadcast in the group will be displayed at the top of the group chat.

Tuyuan: micro jam

At present, the group live function does not support forwarding. Anyone in the group can initiate a live broadcast, and members of the group can watch any one of them by themselves. After having user experience, we found that wechat group live broadcast supports Lianmai, commenting and liking. After the live broadcast, the host interface will display the number of live viewers, comments and likes.

Tuyuan: micro jam

It is worth noting that the group live broadcast in the chat dialog box is not the group live broadcast of the enterprises wechat online before, but wechat users can participate in it.

The group live function of enterprise wechat was launched on February 1 this year. In the wechat chat dialog box, there were two limited time promotion portals: live broadcast of class and health collection.

At that time, wechat responded, in order to facilitate the online learning of students, we support the use of wechats class live broadcast and health collection functions in wechat groups during the epidemic. At present, users who are grayed out can use these two functions in the function menu below the wechat group.

Since the beginning of this year, short video and live broadcast are the two main content ecology promoted by wechat, and the final landing point falls on every individual. Video number is a carrier of everyone can create; wechat stores lower the threshold of opening stores and support individual stores; group live also follows a similar idea. In the era of nationwide live broadcasting, everyone can start broadcasting.

As of the time of publication, there is no response from wechat. What is worth observing is that after wechat opens the group live broadcasting rights to each individual, how much water spray will this new ability cause in the private domain scene of wechat group, and how much value will be brought to the commercialization of wechat after the group live broadcast scene is expanded.

Source: 36 krypton editor: Qiao JunJing_ NBJ11279