Liang Zhenying: some words offend people, but they must be said

 Liang Zhenying: some words offend people, but they must be said

Qin Yue, reporter of Shenzhen satellite TV & direct news in Hong Kong: first of all, I would like to ask vice president Liang to introduce you to Shenzhen several years ago to participate in the urban planning and design of Shenzhen. Why did you want to help Shenzhen do planning at that time? What are your personal experiences of Shenzhens changes over the years?

The first time I went to Shenzhen was a teacher in my middle school and two alumni. I remember it was August 1 in the summer vacation. I came back from studying in England in 1977. I went to Shenzhen for a visit. I went back and forth on the same day. Its very embarrassing because the switch is closed at 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and the procedures are very complicated. When you get to the local place, you have to change the RMB. You cant change the RMB in Hong Kong, but you cant change it in Hong Kong, so you have to change RMB when you go to Shenzhen. Because the RMB cant be brought out when I go to Shenzhen and come back to Hong Kong, I have to queue up to exchange RMB and have a meal. I went there for eight hours, but I didnt see anything.

The second was in 1978 and 1979. Some professionals in Hong Kong responded to the call of the countrys four modernizations. We hoped to bring back some of the professional knowledge learned abroad, including urban planning, engineering, real estate, accounting and finance. Shenzhen is closest to Hong Kong, and the transportation is convenient. At that time, we didnt know that Shenzhen was going to set up a special zone, but at the request of the Shenzhen municipal government, we helped with the planning. At that time, there was no map. There was only one aerial map. It was a picture taken by the plane from high altitude. It was also a relatively vague picture. There is a road that is said to be a patrol road for the army. I think it is probably the roadbed of todays Shennan Avenue. From the east to the west, according to this picture, we began to make planning.

The Shenzhen municipal government has proposed to us that the population target is about 300000. We also held a debate. Where do you think 300000 people live in Shenzhen? But we still plan according to this index. This is a very good memory. Every time I go to Shenzhen, I see that Shenzhen has made gratifying progress and great progress. I feel very happy because I have participated in this work.

Liang Zhenying: there have been several major changes in the development of Shenzhen in the past 40 years. Transformation is to overcome all kinds of difficulties. For example, at the beginning, Shenzhen, as a special economic zone, had some special policies that were not available in other parts of mainland China.

Then later, other cities in mainland China gradually opened up, and Shenzhen also had some policies. What should you do? Therefore, I should say that I participated in every transformation and upgrading of Shenzhen. At that time, I also worried about them. What should I do next? But every time Shenzhen can overcome the difficulties. After overcoming the difficulties, the efforts to upgrade are very strong. Therefore, todays Shenzhen has become an economy with a high level of science and technology, and the per capita income is the highest among all the cities in the mainland of China. This has not been easy. It also provides a good inspiration for Hong Kong and Shenzhen, as well as Hong Kongs cooperation with the mainland through Shenzhen. In other words, as a part of the country, Hong Kongs next functions and roles are not only finance, trade and shipping, but also other high-tech industries, such as innovative technology.

Shenzhen can do a good job in many ways for other mainland cities. One is the transformation and upgrading and overcoming difficulties I just mentioned in the past 40 years. Making a demonstration is not only a demonstration. If I sing a higher tune, it should be said to be a good model for overcoming difficulties and transformation and upgrading. In terms of the handling of land use rights, a phrase I often use in the past few years is to let the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources. In my words, I think Shenzhen has also done a very good job.

Shenzhen has a lot of contacts with Hong Kong because of its geographical proximity to Hong Kong. Before I became chief executive and was still in the professional field, I often received land related officials, scholars and colleagues from Shenzhen at all levels. We talked a lot about it. They have gained the essence of Hong Kongs experience from the land management, real estate market management and operation of the real estate market in Hong Kong over the past 100 years, and also solved some problems that Hong Kong has not solved So Shenzhen has done quite well in this respect.

I havent checked and compared recently. The house price in Shenzhen is relatively high. The price is not the price, but the price of value. When you want to sell your house when you want to sell it, when you can transfer the property right to the buyer, and then take the money from the buyers hand. This is one of the indicators of market efficiency, and Shenzhen has done a good job in these aspects One of the reasons for the high housing prices in Shenzhen is its high value. The reason for the high value is that the construction of the whole real estate market is well done, including the construction of software, the transfer of property rights, the registration, management and protection of property rights, etc., so this is really remarkable.

u00b7A glimpse of the border between China, Shenzhen and Hong Kong?

Qin Yue of Shenzhen satellite TV: according to what you say, Shenzhen and Hong Kong have become windows to each other. However, we can see that there are high-rise buildings on both sides of Shenzhen River and Futian District of Shenzhen. However, the forbidden area on this side of Hong Kong is relatively barren. When you were the chief executive, you once proposed to open up the forbidden area, but now there is no movement in this respect. Do you think there is still room for Shenzhen and Hong Kong to develop the planning integration in this respect?

Qin Yue, Shenzhen satellite TV: Shenzhen and Hong Kong are closely related. As a big city, they also have some similar problems, such as land shortage. Some time ago, some deputies to the peoples Congress of the port area proposed to establish enclaves in Shenzhen or Guishan Island. Do you agree? Can you solve some problems?

Liang Zhenying: actually, there are many different concepts of enclave. In Dawan District, especially in Shenzhen, the land supply is quite tight. Now some Hong Kong people go to the relatively remote cities in Dawan district to settle down, or some schools want to run schools in these cities. They think that these places are rich in land resources, which can supplement the shortage of land supply in Hong Kong Point. Then, there are some suggestions on enclaves. His idea is to circle a piece of land in Guangdong and let the SAR government manage the place. Using the laws of Hong Kong, including the basic law of Hong Kong, by amending the basic law, such a small area originally belonging to Guangdong will be transformed into a part of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in terms of law and administration Big. But in my opinion, if we only use the general management method and level of Hong Kong to provide some houses, places for economic activities and schools, so that Hong Kong people can go to work, go to school and live, I think there is still something we can do. In particular, the urban traffic between Hong Kong and Dawan district is becoming more and more convenient.

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Qin Yue, Shenzhen satellite TV: we would like to pay more attention to the problems of Hong Kong. From last year to now, especially this year, the world environment is more complex, and the Hong Kong issue is more prominent in the game between China and the United States. After the implementation of Hong Kongs national security law, we have also seen, for example, that the United States has announced financial sanctions against members of the Hong Kong National Security Commission. What do you think of the sanctions imposed by the United States?

Liang Zhenying: first of all, this sanction is certainly unreasonable. In fact, this sanction has nothing to do with the national security law enacted by the state for Hong Kong. It is totally an excuse for the Americans to make such actions in Hong Kong for their own interests. Hong Kong is a very flexible place. However, we should not fail to fulfill our responsibility of maintaining national security as a part of the country because of some economic problems. So Americans cant blackmail us with sanctions. Hong Kong is Chinas Hong Kong. China has sovereignty over Hong Kong. Hong Kong is not a place for the United States and the British. Of course, from the perspective of international trade, both British and American investors have certain interests in Hong Kong, but Hong Kong itself is basically for the interests of our country, so we have no room for bargaining on this issue. Hong Kong is a very flexible place. I believe we can adapt to some of the so-called sanctions policies of the United States against Hong Kong.

Eliminating the epidemic as soon as possible is the top priority for Hong Kong

I recently went to Beijing and Shanghai. Life in Shanghai has completely returned to normal. 200 local friends from Hong Kong invited me to dinner. I went to the stage to say a few words. They didnt wear masks. Everyone took a group photo and so on. They were very enthusiastic. Life has returned to normal. You want Hong Kong to be cleared as soon as possible. If we can fly from Hong Kong to Shanghai without isolation and from Shanghai back to Hong Kong, our entire economic and social activities will return to normal to a large extent. You can see that our economic partners around the world, such as the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, have no signs of slowing down or completely eliminating the epidemic. After the clearance of Hong Kong, we went to Europe and had to be quarantined when we came back. Because the epidemic situation in Europe has not been solved, we have to isolate when we go back to the United States. Japan, South Korea and Singapore are all the same. Although the mainland of China can not be taken lightly, this problem has basically been solved. Therefore, if we also solve this problem, we do not need to be isolated when we travel to and from the mainland, and mainland friends who come to Hong Kong for tourism and business do not need isolation. Therefore, it is very important for the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao to resume economic and social activities as soon as possible.

u00b7The truth lies with us. The problem is whether we dare to speak or not

Qin Yue, Shenzhen satellite TV: you said that there is a great potential for cooperation among Hong Kong, Macao and the mainland. However, Hong Kong is also an international metropolis. Recently, western countries such as the United States have announced that they have broken various agreements with Hong Kong and implemented various sanctions. To what extent will these affect Hong Kongs status as an international city?

Liang Zhenying: at present, some international, social and economic exchanges in Hong Kong have indeed decreased or even stopped, mainly due to the epidemic situation. Therefore, if we can eliminate the epidemic as soon as possible, the sanctions imposed by the United States on Hong Kong so far will not have a great impact on Hong Kong.

Qin Yue, Shenzhen satellite TV: looking back on the social unrest in Hong Kong over the past year, including violence and the rise of Hong Kong Independence forces, some people said that during your tenure as chief executive, there were some deep-seated social contradictions, such as some problems in the illegal occupation of central China. In terms of promoting national education, you wanted to do it but failed to implement it. Some people say that the root cause of the chaos in Hong Kong this year is here. Do you agree?

Liang Zhenying: now Hong Kong society, including the SAR government, has a deeper understanding of these issues. Some long-standing deep-seated contradictions, no matter what you just said, such as education problems, housing problems and so on, we must make great determination to solve them. That is, the National Peoples Congress has established the national security law for Hong Kong, which also shows that the central government attaches great importance to the stability of Hong Kong and the national security of Hong Kong. So now the subjective conditions are available. Since the national security law was promulgated on July 1, more than a month has passed since Hong Kongs social stability has been restored. Under this environment, how can we solve some short-term, medium-term and long-term problems, including the epidemic situation I just said, provide a solid foundation. Therefore, I still have confidence in the future of Hong Kong.

Soon, we hope to have some discussions on a larger scale in Hong Kong. How can we make some necessary changes in various fields, including social management, economic development and other political issues? This is my own idea. In addition to some reform work, we also need to do some rectification work. It is true that some problems can not go on like this all the time, including the rectification of the education sector. At present, the national security law has requirements for education, but if we do not rectify the education team, it will be difficult to implement the requirements of the national security law on education.

Qin Yue of Shenzhen satellite TV: I have always followed your Facebook. As a vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, you are a former chief executive, but you are also a KOL. The language in the mainland is Internet red. Did you have a psychological expectation that you would become a KOL when you posted the post? Can you share your original intention?

I said that you should go out to speak more, they dare not, afraid. Im afraid of being called the bottom of the story, shaking out the family situation, or walking on the street, afraid of being beaten (laughter). I said its not so serious. How many people can be hit in a day? How many people can be injured in a day when the storm is at its worst? More than 50 people are injured in traffic accidents in Hong Kong in one day. Because of the traffic accidents, we will not go to the streets? Thats not going to work.

So I hope I can take a lead and talk about some views on the problem and the words in my heart. Its not necessarily true, but it has to be said. We are a democratic society. We are open to discussion and exchange. Im glad to see that some younger friends started talking about it half a year or nine months ago with their mobile phones, and then put them on the Internet. A group of young KOLs emerged, and they were able to speak their own views bravely and frankly.

What I write on Facebook is usually in response to some events and news reports of the day. After writing, some friends, including some young KOL just mentioned, saw that if he agreed with this view, he could play a leading role.

Public opinion environment is very important. In fact, in the 23 years since the return of the motherland, there have been some major disputes in the society, which have caused such negative effects. In fact, the truth of these things, including the events in the past year, lies in our side. The problem is whether we dare to speak, how to speak, and how to win more citizens to agree with our views. So I hope you can do it together. Dont be afraid. However, it seems that the problem has been gradually solved. More and more people dare to say that this is a good phenomenon.

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