What made Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resign? This disease is terrible!

 What made Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resign? This disease is terrible!

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The etiology and pathogenesis of this disease are not very clear. However, most studies believe that inflammatory bowel disease may be mainly determined by genetic predisposition, and immune regulation disorder is one of the key pathogenesis. At the same time, intestinal flora and environmental mental factors are also the causes of the disease, especially the westernized food with high fat, high protein and high calorie may change the intestinal flora and increase the incidence of inflammatory bowel disease.

According to Chinas statistics, the peak age of ulcerative colitis is 35-45 years old, and the peak age of Crohns disease is 25-35 years old. The former is characterized by persistent or recurrent diarrhea, mucus pus and bloody stool with abdominal pain, tenesmus and various degrees of systemic symptoms; the latter is mainly characterized by diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Patients with this disease often feel very hard. They can make the inner surface of the intestines rough and erosive, causing diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloody stools and weight loss, Chen said.

In the past 10 years, patients with inflammatory bowel disease have become more and more common. With the accumulated cases for so many years, our specialist outpatient department has followed up more than 4000 cases, and there are more than 100 patients in the outpatient department every day. But many people do not understand inflammatory bowel disease, it is difficult to get regular treatment

Many patients need long-term or even lifelong medication maintenance treatment. According to the reporters understanding, the current clinical treatment of inflammatory bowel disease is still based on drugs and surgery. There are six kinds of common drugs, including glucocorticoids, immunomodulators and biological agents. Some of these drugs are used to relieve acute attacks, some are used to consolidate and maintain, and some have both effects.

Many patients have good effect through drug treatment, and do not need surgery, but 3 / 4 of patients will need surgery in their lifetime. When they have complications such as intestinal obstruction, intestinal fistula, anal fistula or abdominal abscess, surgery is necessary.

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Nine moments in Abes Administration

On the 24th of this month, Abe overtook his grandfather to become Japans longest serving prime minister in a row, and the news that he decided to resign also sparked heated debate. Many people are most impressed by Abe. There are several moments

u2460 In September 2015, in addition to the contents of the talks, there was another scene that attracted attention: seeing Putin waiting for himself, Abe trotted all the way to him to shake hands.

u2461 In August of the following year, the Rio Olympics closed, and Abe, the running incarnation of Mario, appeared. The future is unpredictable. Four years later, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo failed to meet the schedule.

u2462 In November 2017, trump went to Japan for a visit. Abe bunker, accompanied by golf course, fell down. Later, trump responded to this moment and said: its very moving, more wonderful than any gymnast!

u2463 On the new years eve of 2019, the Tokyo tower lights up China red for the first time. Abe made a video address to the Chinese people, saying in Chinese: Happy New Year.

u2464 In April 2019, Abe and his wife visited the United States. In the group photo in front of the White House, Melania and trump together occupy the majority of the red carpet, and Abe has only one foot on the edge of the red carpet.

u2465 Abe is very busy this April. During his visit to Canada, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau twice referred to Japan as China.

u2466 A month later, trump paid a state visit to Japan. Abe offered a golf course, a double hamburger lunch, a sumo sumo match VIP seat and a barbecue dinner.

u2467 Recently, there was a heated discussion about Abe changing his mask. It was not until the end of July that Abe wore a gauze mask known as Abes mask. In August, he changed into a normal size ordinary mask.

u2468 On the afternoon of August 28, 2020, Abe held a press conference. He said that due to the recurrence of ulcerative colitis, he could not make a correct political judgment and decided to resign as Japanese Prime Minister.

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Abes resignation and Japans next step, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe officially resigned