Talk about sister Hong Kong

 Talk about sister Hong Kong

Its just that the ranking didnt stop her from making a great success. Then, throughout the 1980s, she became the most filmed actress in Hong Kongs film and television industry. Her name is Zhong Chuhong.

The most popular is Zhong Chuhong, and the most popular is Zhou Runfa.. This is a summary of the most developed period of Hong Kongs film industry in the last century.

Chung Chuhong represents every ordinary born Hong Kong girl of that era.

These Hong Kong girls have a dream, that is, to pass the selection of sister Hong Kong, to be outstanding and change their lives. Therefore, sister Hong Kong has gradually become a business card of Hong Kong and a hot topic of conversation among Hong Kong people. At that time, almost every housewife in Hong Kong could tell who was the top three in each election.


The selection of sister Hong Kong was born in 1946. In 1953, Shaos film industry, in conjunction with the Hong Kong elder sister selection organization, selected actors from the contestants. In 1973, TVB officially took over the selection of sister Hong Kong and became the organizer. TVB is the television media of Shaos film industry.

In order to play the card of sister Hong Kong, TVB released such a message: as long as you get the top three Hong Kong sister, you can sign a five-year performance agreement with TVB.

Therefore, the selection of sister Hong Kong has been associated with the film and television industry of Hong Kong from a very early time.

In the 1970s, Hong Kong became one of the four little dragons in Asia and the fastest growing region in the world.

Just like todays beauty shows, Hong Kongs young girls are the best way to create wealth and change their lives.

At that time, there were fewer ways, and there were not many opportunities for women.


Four years later, another Hong Kong girl, at the request and encouragement of her mother, also timidly participated in the selection of sister Hong Kong.

Her name is Maggie Cheung. In 1983, she won the runner up of sister Hong Kong, and since then she has stepped onto the peak of her personal acting career.

Behind her fame is the prosperity of Hong Kongs economy in the 1980s.

Four years later, in 1987, Qiu Shuzhen entered the top 12 of Hong Kong sisters. But because of the plastic surgery storm, Qiu Shuzhen was angry and withdrew from the competition, and was not in the top three.

In 1988, Michelle Li won the title of sister Hong Kong in that year, which ignited the glorious moment of Hong Kong sisters history.

As a result, Hong Kong Folk once again left a beautiful legend about sister Hong Kong, the most beautiful but Li Jiaxin, the richest but Li Jiacheng.

However, after Gao Guang, she also won the decline of sister Hong Kong.


After 1988, sister Hong Kong still has a few years of glory. In 1989, Chen Farong was the champion and the highest diploma in history. It was yuan Yongyi in 1990.

In 1991, Guo aiming. It was also in that year that the ratings for the selection of sister Hong Kong reached the highest in history.

Why? Because the Asian financial crisis is coming.

The decline of the film and television industry is only a microcosm of Hong Kongs economic recession. However, Hong Kongs young girls no longer regard participating in the selection as a way to change their own destiny.

Even if she wins in Hong Kong, she cant make any movies. Because the economy is down.

With the advent of the Asian financial crisis, many film and television companies went bankrupt, and actors were not so good.

Before Li Jiaxin (including Li Jiaxin), the education level of Hong Kong sisters is not high. After the 1990s, many Hong Kong girls who took part in the Hong Kong sister program had higher diploma. At best, it is that people no longer regard participation in the selection of sister Hong Kong as the only way out.

But at the worst, the enthusiasm of Hong Kong girls to participate in the selection of sister Hong Kong has greatly diminished.

Before the 1990s, Hong Kong sisters (with Michelle Li as the dividing line) had a kind of beauty in the wind and dust. After the 1990s, Hong Kong sister has a kind of infatuated beauty, because she has read more books, but she also lacks some flexibility.

This is probably one of the reasons why people think that the beauty of Hong Kong sister is not as good as that of a year.


The flow is not enough, the scandal will come together.. Hong Kongs economy, which has passed the high light period, is also declining with the Hong Kong media.

Because the attention and influence of sister Hong Kong has not been so high, in order to survive, those media that rely on entertainment reports have begun to dig into the gossip and gossip of Hong Kong sisters in order to attract attention.

Media and film and television industries have moved to the mainland. And Hong Kong actors have to go north to look for opportunities.

In 2018, she Shiman was praised by Yanxi strategy.

And they were Miss Hong Kong in 1991 and 1997 respectively. They are a microcosm of the fate of Hong Kong after the economic crisis in the last century.


But what is different from the past is that the media has received the most positive comments so far: this years sister Hong Kong is expected to return to its heyday.

There are many articles praising the beauty of this Hong Kong sister on the Internet.

In 1946, the first Hong Kong elder sister selection competition was held in Hong Kong. You know, in 1946, it was just the end of World War II. The world had just come to an end from the turbulence. The society was full of holes, and there were still many poor people on the street.

Will a beauty pageant be scolded by people at this time?

Lets put aside the game of the rich. In fact, the beauty pageant held in Hong Kong also meant to heal the pain caused by the war. After years of intense war, people should relax and let society into a normal state.

One of the functions of entertainment is to calm down the social unrest and comfort peoples injured hearts.

Of course, it is also true that the rich have made a lot of money from this process, but this is not the focus of this paper.

Looking back to Hong Kong today. Since the financial crisis in the last century, although Hong Kong is in a state of slow revival, the economic center of the world has changed. It is not easy to recreate the glory of the four little dragons.

And then there was an epidemic.

Add to this the chaos in Hong Kong.

This situation is the same as Hong Kong, which just ended the world war in 1946.

From this point of view, it is not difficult to understand that the media give good comments to this years sister Hong Kong.


The wheel of history is rolling forward

You think its just a personal effort

In fact, they all follow the rhythm of the times