Poetry | when fruit meets ancient poetry: it turns out that all poets are eating goods

 Poetry | when fruit meets ancient poetry: it turns out that all poets are eating goods

Song Dynasty: Wen Tianxiang

Pull out the gold saber and break the cangyu vase.

A thousand red cherries, a mass of topaz.

The sound of ice and snow will be heard in the teeth.

Changan Qingfu said Shaoping,

As the Minister of the Han Dynasty.

When it comes to summer, watermelon is essential.

Cut the watermelon with a knife and hear the crisp sound. It must be a good melon. Eat a mouthful, the bodys anger seems to be instant sweet watermelon juice scattered. Watermelon pulp a mouth, as if ice and snow into the mouth, the whole body of raw cool.

It seems that Wen Tianxiang is also a watermelon lover.

Eating litchi

Song Dynasty: Su Shi

The four seasons of spring at the foot of Luofu Mountain,

Luju and Yangmei are new.

If you want to talk about the biggest food among the poets, it must be Su Shi. Not only was a dish named after Su Dongpo, but he also wrote countless poems to write about the delicious food. The sentence taste in the world is Qinghuan has won the recognition of countless people.

In a new place, of course, the first thing to do is to look for local food. When he came to the remote south of the five ridges, Su Shi came to the foot of Luofu Mountain, where the four seasons were like spring. Every day, he ate the freshest Bayberry and loquat, not to mention the litchi which could make the concubine of the world of mortals laugh. He jokingly said that if he could eat 300 lychees a day, he would like to be an authentic Lingnan person.


Song Dynasty: Shi zuke

In May, the Myrica rubra forest is full,

The first doubt is that a piece of gold is worth a thousand dollars.

Weifang Heshuo grape is heavy,

The airship seems to have heard of the new tribute,

I want to send you friends in the mountains,

Fear of head Tuo love thirsty heart.

Many fruits are particularly precious because they are not easy to store, and poets never forget that bayberry is one of them.

In Song Dynasty, Shi Zu could describe bayberry in this way: when it was just in May, when it was ripe, everyone rushed to buy it. One bayberry was worth thousands of dollars. What are the advantages of Bayberry? The color is darker than litchi, and the taste is more delicious than grape. After writing this poem, I want to send it to my friend who lives in the mountains, but Im afraid it will make him lose his appetite.


Smash coral beads,

Cast into gold bullet, honey to help each other.

The wind and dew cool the skin.

He was also known as Yangs son,

North Village Lu, the gateway of the old home.

A bosom friend may not know his taste,

There was no tears before Zeng sent Qing.

In summer, loquat is another delicacy.

Yellow skin wrapped with flesh, small and exquisite, as if to break the coral, and then make delicate golden candy general. In one afternoon, sitting in the courtyard listening to the cicadas cry, he peeled his skin slowly with his delicate hands, and ate a mouthful, which was sweet.

Although a little trouble, but eat to the moment of pulp, full of happiness.


Tang Dynasty: Li Shangyin

You can admire the green peach trees in yaochi,

In summer, red pomegranate flower is a beautiful scenery.

When it comes to the Mid Autumn Festival, the pomegranates are picked from the branches of the graceful pomegranate trees. The appearance of the pomegranates is plain, and there are holes in the pomegranates: the film is light and the pomegranates are bright red, just like the red cheek of peach trees beside the yaochi Lake in Tianting.

Bearing the whole summer sunshine and rain, pomegranate eaten in autumn is full of the taste of summer.

Watermelon, loquat, bayberry The fruits in the poems are full of color and fragrance. You can feel their delicious through the paper. In the scorching summer, eat fruits and read poems to relieve the heat!

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