My long-distance boyfriend seldom contacts me and says he loves me and wont break up with me. Should I insist?

 My long-distance boyfriend seldom contacts me and says he loves me and wont break up with me. Should I insist?

Beauty for help:

Mumu Hello, recently I also have an emotional problem, I want to hear your opinion, do not know whether to disturb.

The early background is that my boyfriend and I decided to fall in love after chatting on the Internet introduced by my classmates.

At the end of the new year, my boyfriend and I went home to meet my parents. I was going to visit my parents after the new year,

I can understand that I havent met each other. I cant help it in the big environment.

But I usually chat with my boyfriend and feel that he has been in a state of impatience for the last three or four months.

In the daytime, as long as I dont talk to him, he wont come to me. I have also mentioned this question,

Similar to wake up in the morning, if you receive your wechat will be very happy and so on, generally send a three or four days will not send.

My boyfriend said that he didnt like chatting in the morning. He was angry to get up in the morning. He liked chatting at night. I said yes. If he didnt chat that day, he would tell me in advance.

Then I still chat for two or three days and then I dont talk again. Of course, its also because of the busy work.

Its a long-distance love, and the feelings are not as deep as those in my student days, so I doubt whether the feelings are there.

(Im a slow-moving person, and I dont believe it because my feelings come too fast.)

In addition, I mentioned to him twice that there was no change. I said that if I feel that I am not the right person, I can put my words into words, which can be understood and accepted by adults.

Im not the kind of person who needs to chat with me for a long time. I just want to think of me on my own initiative. Dont think of me until I look for you because Im busy.

My boyfriend said that I think too much, but also let me not always mention the separation of things, more will be angry, he wants to marry me.

Now Im in a situation where if I dont contact him for two or three days, Id like to tell him about it. Ive had two weeks.

But I dont like this state of affairs, but I cant change my mind for a while. I hope I can listen to your opinion.


In the absence of emotional basis, I feel that you have made love a little task-based, which is undoubtedly accelerating your feeling of exhaustion for this relationship.

Chatting is not a task, but cant help it. Im tired and miss you. I just want to say a few words with you.

It should not be to set a time, and then even for a while and a half meeting, in fact, there is no topic to hard talk, and get along with the completion of the task.

But youve only been together for a few months. Your boyfriend started chatting with you on the Internet, and now he cant even send you a greeting for so many days.

I cant help but have a sixth sense, that is, when you first met, you were in the hormonal release period expecting love.

I met a stranger just because of the same interest,

For a time, I have a greater passion than usual to open up my heart and chat more smoothly and tastefully.

But after all, as you said, your emotional foundation is from the virtual online love, so instability is not deep enough.

For example, they are at a loss and easy to lose, and question whether this relationship can last for a long time.

Your boyfriend, in particular, is likely to have the affirmation that he felt very suitable for you when he was just together,

But now I feel like this feeling is losing. I want to catch it, but I feel like the sand in my hand. I cant stop it from flowing away.

To put it bluntly, it is his emotional state towards you. He thinks that the food has no flavor at the beginning, but he also feels that he still wants to work harder.

So, I think its just that I dont like chatting, and Im not as keen on you as before. I cant just say that he doesnt like you anymore and doesnt feel like you anymore.

If you feel this relationship, you still want to work for it.

Its better to take this opportunity to tell each other frankly about the worries and worries about this relationship,

Also listen to the other persons inner thoughts and express that you dont want to give up, but really have great expectations for yourself and want to go with him for a long time.

Guide each other to build up some confidence and encouragement, work hard together, and manage this relationship well through some effective ways.

At the same time, feel the attitude and action of the other side while doing well in yourself and making efforts.

If its only three minutes for you, then make a good plan to stop in time.

Sometimes feelings are like investment. When you invest in some projects to a certain extent, it is obvious that there is no prospect,

If you lose the investment in front of you, you will lose it. Dont worry about it. If you continue to invest, you are just filling in a bottomless hole,

Dont wait until you have nothing to gain, you may fall into a state of helplessness.