White moonlight: every woman wants to understand why she wants to get married before she gets married

 White moonlight: every woman wants to understand why she wants to get married before she gets married

After constant trial, struggle, confusion and pain, Zhang Yi knows their affairs. Zhang Xin doesnt want to entangle with Yang Yan any more, and Yang Yan also finds that everything he has been insisting on is wrong.

Zhang Yi and Zhang Xin divorced and started a new life with their daughter smiling. She didnt resent anyone any more. She didnt believe in love. She reconciled with her past self and found a way to happiness.

Zhang Yi and Yang Yan didnt want to understand this truth before, so they lost themselves in their marriage. So, do we, every woman, want to understand why they want to get married?

Lets talk about it today.

Zhang Yi: for the sake of security, I want to find a man who will not cheat

Zhang Yi, played by Song Jia, is a famous architect. He is beautiful and capable. When he was at school, he was a famous flower of the Academy of fine arts. He had an equally excellent and handsome boyfriend.

In the film, we can see that Zhang Yizhi broke up with her boyfriend because he had an affair, which made Zhang Yi very broken down. She hoped that she could find a man like her father, who could be loyal and warm, and give her the sense of security and happiness she wanted.

When she saw Zhang Xin, she felt that she had met this man, because the man was not tall or handsome, and his ability was not so good. But he looked at Zhang Yis eyes and made him feel that he was his whole world.

At that time, Zhang Yi thought that such a man would not cheat, would he? Because of such a thought, she firmly chose this man.

Therefore, when Zhang Xin cheated, Zhang Yis world collapsed. After all, she chose this man just to get his loyalty and treasure.

Fortunately, Zhang Yi is an excellent and powerful woman. She didnt fall down completely because of such betrayal, but after knowing that her father had been derailed, she completely reconciled with herself and understood what she was looking for in marriage.

From Zhang Yis story, we can see that it is not wrong for a woman to seek security through marriage, but it must not be forgotten that if you choose a man just for the sake of security, you have lost from the beginning, because you will lose the minimum judgment ability and do not know how to manage in marriage.

There are no absolutely loyal people in this world. You think that the ugly and incompetent men will not cheat. But maybe it is just this kind of people who have no self-confidence and are eager to get something you cant give from other women. On the contrary, many handsome and capable men are loyal to their wives.

Therefore, whether a man can give you enough sense of security, not these external things can judge, you need to look carefully, to experience, of course, also need a little bit of luck.

I especially like Zhang Yis last remark: love is never wrong. We cant doubt love and marriage just because weve been hurt a little bit. Love is believing. Cowards cant get love. Love takes a lot of effort.

Yes, love really needs a lot of effort, and love really needs to be brave. Therefore, before choosing marriage and lover, please make yourself strong and bold, so that you can get true happiness.

From the beginning of the TV series, Yang Yans appearance has made people very suspicious. Such a plain looking, incompetent man with a 12-year-old son makes people unable to connect her with the word Xiao San.

But when the plot is clear step by step, we can see that the real Junior is Yang Yan. Everything is set up by her. The purpose is to divorce Zhang Yi and Zhang Xin, and then stay with Zhang Xin to give her son a complete family.

From the clip, we can see that Yang Yan first met Zhang Xin in a book bar. Zhang Xin took good care of her smile, which made her excited and made her start to fantasize. If this man is his own husband, it would be a good thing to take care of his son in this way.

Indeed, for a divorced woman with children, she has no resistance to such a warm man. However, Yang Yan made a big mistake, that is, she should not break up another family by any means for her own fantasy happiness, and should not fantasize about giving her son the happiness she thinks.

When she made repeated mistakes and completely destroyed Zhang Xins career and his marriage, she thought that she could finally fulfill her wish to let her son have a complete family. However, her son had already known that Zhang Xin had a family and children, and his world was completely collapsed.

Through Yang Yans story, we can see the difficulties of a divorced woman, her guilt for her children, and the hardship of taking care of her children alone, which make their desire for a happy family become particularly strong, and they may do some radical things.

But I want to tell all women, especially divorced women, that when you leave the last wrong marriage, you should grow up and mature. I know this road is very difficult, but it must be easier than you casually go into the next marriage.

For women, divorce is not the end of happiness, but the beginning of rebirth. If you have one more chance to choose your future life, you must cherish it. You want to understand the reason why your last marriage failed and what you want in marriage.

No matter what, if you want to be happy, you should be sober and rational. It doesnt matter if you meet the wrong person. We recognize it, then think carefully and start again. This is the only way to happiness.

What should a woman marry for?

Yeah, what should a woman marry for?

Zhang Yi married for the sake of security, Yang Yan wanted to find security, so she wanted to get married, but they didnt find the security they wanted in marriage, instead they lost more.

In reality, how many of us make do with choosing a man for the sake of age, the face of parents, being able to rely on, living with a partner, wanting to have a child, not to look different from others, and so on?

As for marriage, I like Mr. Qian Zhongshus saying: before I met you, I didnt want to get married. I didnt want to marry anyone else.

I think this is the best reason to get married. Seeing this person, we will know that we will encounter various problems in our future life, but we have also thought of many solutions. I have no perfect fantasy about him, but I also have a firm belief that we can go to the end of the world with him.

I hope every woman can meet this person, and then walk into the palace of happy marriage together. But if you havent met, please dont worry and manage your life well. Just like Zhang Yi said, make yourself strong and brave, and then embrace the best happiness that belongs to you.

Im Xiyan, a columnist. Im a young girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the rest of your life, which is related to me. If you have a story, please come to me.