Little women: over 25 years old and unmarried is an old girl? Marriage is not the only destination for girls

 Little women: over 25 years old and unmarried is an old girl? Marriage is not the only destination for girls


I read little women many years ago. Its a good novel, a good movie. Its a bit limited, because Joe has to have a professor for everything. Then their thoughts sparked and their love came into being. Its very conventional. Maybe the author didnt want to let Joe die alone. Although, she can live well by herself. But is it better to have someone to accompany and pet? But over 25 years old without marriage is an old girl, which is a great irony. In order to grab a good man, the whole family went out. Failure is at the risk of failure.


The latest film Little Women has been waiting for so long. From February 14, Western Valentines day, to August 25, Chinese Valentines Day (Qixi Festival). Its worth the wait, not necessarily because it won one of the Oscars. Instead, classics are classics and masterpieces are masterpieces. With the change of time and space, the information it conveys gives more new meaning. Although its not in the middle or far away, I have to tell you in any case: marriage is not the only destination for girls. Theres no problem with marriage, no marriage? You have to live well, too.


I also like the role of Joe very much, although the March women are very distinctive: Megs traditional self-confidence, Joes independent and strong, Beths gentle and quiet, Amys realistic self-examination, mothers kindness and perseverance, aunts eccentric wisdom. But the existence of Joe is really the most dazzling scenery. Once upon a time, also for Joe and Laurie missed and very sorry. But theres no way. This is a man who doesnt know him. Even if they are childhood sweethearts and have no guesses, they are not suitable. Finally, Laurie was with Amy. Have you ever regretted it, Joe?


Joe went to New York alone to pursue his own writers dream. One after another, they are denied. What if youre 25 and not married? Joe: I want to live my own way in this world. No one can really live according to his own ideas, really not. At least, for all women, do you need to marry a good family? But youre not married. Aunt March told Joe: thats because Im rich and I can keep all my money. Ah, it seems that money is the best confidence when and where. Even better than getting married.


Marriage is not the only destination for a girl. I hope you and I can live as I like. come on.