Zheng Xiyi talks about turning red when she is nearly 40 years old

 Zheng Xiyi talks about turning red when she is nearly 40 years old

Yangcheng Evening News: have you ever hesitated when you received the invitation from sister? Do you think youll get to the finals?

Yangcheng Evening News: its too late to be a group until you are 40 years old?

Is Chengtuan important to you? Has the mentality changed?

Zheng Xiyi: at the beginning, I thought that the best result of the competition was to form a team. But now it doesnt matter whether we form a league or not, because we are a group of 30 people. We will think of each other for each other, which is more than the significance of the game.

Yangcheng Evening News: Many mainland audiences only know you because of this program. Do you feel that they have received more attention?

Zheng Xiyi: Yes, some younger audiences think Im an actor. They dont know that I was a singer before, let alone what kind of personality I am. But in sister, you can see another me under the stage, and you can recognize Zheng Xiyi, who is more authentic.

Yangcheng Evening News: after so many years of debut, whats the level of hardship and challenge of sister rank in the artists career?

Zheng Xiyi: for the time being, its the hardest work Ive done in so many programs. In terms of physical strength, in the four months of recording time, because of the epidemic, I couldnt go home and stayed in Changsha all the time. We have been training with great intensity, and the actual training time is longer than the program team expected. In terms of spirit, because its a competition, there will be pressure to be eliminated. Whenever I see my sister eliminated, I feel particularly uncomfortable, and I cant even focus on the following song selection link.

Yangcheng Evening News: which is more important: challenge yourself or accept yourself?

Zheng Xiyi: in the fourth public performance, I wanted to choose the quiet group. LAN Yingying was not allowed. I just didnt have a choice. She had the first choice. When I chose the song, I did not fight for the original go to C building alone, because I wanted to challenge myself, so I chose fate a bridge. I dont want to play a safety card on this stage. I want to challenge the types of songs I havent sung before.

On life: always riding the wind and breaking the waves

Yangcheng Evening News: which sister gives you the biggest impression in the program?

Zheng Xiyi: sister Jingjing, at first thought she should be very difficult to get along with, but now she is a little girl in my mind, very cute.

Yangcheng Evening News: as a female artist, whats your feeling about age?

Zheng Xiyi: before, I thought that the age requirements of female artists in the entertainment industry were very strict - you only had a short period of time to act in youth idol drama, and then you had to play mother or other roles. But in this program, I see that 30 +, 40 +, 50 + women are very wonderful. We all have a lot of things to learn. Women of every age group have a unique light.

Yangcheng Evening News: how do you think women should get rid of age anxiety?

Yangcheng Evening News: postpartum comeback is still in great courage, what secret to share?

Yangcheng Evening News: experienced a lot of life twists and turns red again, do you have the feeling of riding the wind and breaking the waves?

Zheng Xiyi: I have experienced some ups and downs before, but isnt everyone the same? Everyone is being tested, and its just because you have withstood these tests that you think I can.. I am not only riding the wind and waves on this stage, but my whole life. Im not afraid of those big waves. I can cross them.

Yangcheng Evening News: what do you think of the word turn red?

Zheng Xiyi: its very important for female artists to be red. Only when they are red can they have more commercial value and more right to choose their jobs.

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