The funeral home didnt receive the 20, 000 day price for eight days to sue the family members and the hospital of the dead

 The funeral home didnt receive the 20, 000 day price for eight days to sue the family members and the hospital of the dead

The case number of this case is (2020) Yu 1727 No. 3111 of the early Republic of China. The cause of the case is the custody contract dispute, and the trial place is in the tenth trial court of Runan County Peoples court.

On August 28, Runan funeral home sued Mr. Tang and Runan County Peoples hospital to pay RMB 20000 (including RMB 200 for corpse transportation) in custody contract dispute for eight days. Photo source / China open trial website.

According to the video of China court trial live network, Mr. Tangs wife died in Runan County Peoples Hospital on February 28, 2019. The two sides had a doctor-patient dispute, and the body was transported to the Funan County funeral home. On March 5, 2019, the doctor-patient dispute will be settled. Mr. Tangs wife will be buried on March, 2019.

The Funan funeral home in Runan County said that in dealing with the medical dispute, the two defendants transported the bodies to the funeral home, and Mr. Tang also signed the paper and was willing to pay 20000 yuan for the mortuary fee. After the dispute was settled, the museum repeatedly asked for the morgue fee but failed. The operation of the museum is difficult. 20000 yuan was confiscated, and the staff have great opinions. The court is requested to judge the Runan County Peoples hospital to pay 20000 yuan. If the hospital does not pay, Mr. Tang will pay.

Mr. Tangs agent thinks that Mr. Tang is not the subject of the custody contract. Although Mr. Tang signs the document, he is the agent of a third party. If the third party fails to perform, it should be performed by the obligor. Therefore, Mr Tang should not bear 20000 yuan and interest. In addition, Funan County funeral home should provide the basis for fees, not arbitrary price.

When dealing with disputes, the township secretary and the village branch secretary agreed not to let me spend a cent, and now they are suing me to court for money. This is my first time in court, Tang said. I have a difficult life now and I cant take it out.

Because the three parties involved in the case did not accept mediation, the court did not pass a judgment in court.

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It was once the residence of French nobles, but since the 1980s, due to the protection of buildings and other reasons, it has been uninhabited and managed. Behind the wooden walls, Ivy rises from the cracked walls and broken shutters of four magnificent buildings The former elegant garden has long been beyond recognition and overgrown with weeds, which makes the local housing protection association feel sorry.

Historically, this is an important building where many people have lived, including poet and playwright Francois Kopp. Theres a huge garden behind the building, and you can imagine all kinds of receptions and social events Thats another century. Sabine lebreton, vice president of the udino Street Heritage Conservation Association, said.

The auction site was quite popular. In only five minutes, the bidding price quadrupled. Ten minutes later, it reached the threshold of 30 million. When the bidding stopped at the critical moment of 35 million euro and the competition was coming to an end, a buyer who had never made a statement before called out 35.1 million euro, which was extremely thunderous.

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When we learned that a body had been hidden here for so many years, everyone was shocked. So said lebredton. Bruno Picard, a lawyer in charge of the house auction, said, no one else has been to the place where the body was found.

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