Dobby is not terrible, just afraid that dobby can draw! Ha ha ha ha, its funny!

 Dobby is not terrible, just afraid that dobby can draw! Ha ha ha ha, its funny!

A kind of

Nimura Daisuke

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1987

Mainly for magazines, books and advertising design illustrations

Most of them are point, line and surface

The lines of characters are simple and the colors are bright

The image is dull and lively

Characters in the works of ermurakami

Its just like the everyday life of us and our friends

Funny, childlike and reasonable

Daily shooting

The magic of love

Look or not, after all, Im still angry

The characters in the illustrations of ermurakami

Underwear Party of womens under wear Festival

Its like someone who comes home from work all day

Look at this funny family of three

Most of the works use black and thick characters

The color is single but not thin

And the small partner together is in the high cold and tease forced to switch between

In addition to the use of large color block screen

And use the design basis point, line, surface combination

Remember the third hand performance of the post-90s

Wake up every day, with you, with me, and with the cat

There are also the use of pattern grafting and character combination

Only a few lines show the shape of the characters

The front work may be flat

There is another style of painting that is very special

The feeling of hand drawing in the following works will be stronger

Works of ermura Daisuke

Almost all of them come to show the characters

Light or black and white filling colors

Ultra simple character lines

Then put on black, white department, sometimes with bright color embellishment

Whether it is moving pictures or illustrations, strange painting style

Unexpected plot development, serious mischief

Real and appropriate to our life