She is a Japanese scheming woman who is famous for her works. Her photo album has sold 600000 yuan and is now very popular

 She is a Japanese scheming woman who is famous for her works. Her photo album has sold 600000 yuan and is now very popular

The boys said one after another:

Clever, lovely image.

Its very intriguing.

Naturally lovely.

With that, the microphone turned to the girls.

The skin is really great.

A symbol of beauty.

And then its on a famous geisha.

Sure enough, she is still a very hard-working person, with such a sexy figure and a very cute charm at the same time.

Then he asked a boy who was disguised as a woman.

He blurted out:

Menezi claims that his facial features are masculine, which makes me feel inferior.

I also feel inferior because I am a boy. It is because of this empathy that I think she has put a lot of effort into it

Then, an uncle heard that it was menezhi Tanaka, very excited: frankly speaking, she is really very smart.

The interview took a long time.

From the bottom of my heart to send out exclamation, admiration, and even admiration.

Why is she so popular?

I studied a variety show in Japan.

I think its because there are voices of opposition , he said.

Model Fujita said: overwhelming beauty goddess!

Sister Chi wants to say, because she is beautiful enough, enough SA, there is a crucial pointu2014u2014


To make people and gods angry.

Make complaints about Japanese fanaticism.

Youre not wrong. Youre just doing it.

Talk about her like crazy.

Just because no matter when, where and on any occasion, her wife is too much.

When she was an anchor, she was selling sprouts no matter where she was.

On the show, even more provocative.

Once, she sat opposite a male guest, menezhi opened his mouth and said, you didnt wait for someone else.

While saying, while staring at each others eyes, but also lips to the right.

The male guest couldnt bear it and immediately surrendered: wait, or wait.

Gaze, close the corner of her mouth, is her usual coquettish routine.

Her other program, micro Du mouth, also to the live male guests coquetry.


Am I wrong?

Hearing this, the male guest again compromised and yelled, Miss Tanaka, are you not wrong?

The scene roared with laughter.

She was interviewed by a famous male host.

When they talked about the cute girl, she came at her fingertips.

Male host knows her routine, specially asked her: if I fall in love with you, will not let you trouble, this sentence does not feel very thoughtful?

Menezi asked, is it very clever?

With that, she came up with a more thoughtful one.

She immediately turned her eyes to the host and said in a soft voice, on the contrary, is this teasing me? You see you are married and have children. What would you do if I really fell in love with you?

The more you talk, the more ambiguous.

Just after her ending, the serious male host couldnt hold on, pointing to his own heart: just now, Im really excited.

After a long time, the male host is still in the air, and he sighs to the people around him: the one who originally intended to be silent has been really fascinated.

By the way, there are more.

If youve watched the show, youll find that shes so cute.

Kill with a crooked head.

In the blink of an eye.

Dudu mouth.

Even standing, also discharge everywhere.

Because its so frequent that its annoying.

Womens weekly named the most annoying artist, and she was voted first.

Even beyond the perennial disgusted Shizuka Kudo.

Moreover, the Japanese media later selected the most disgusting female anchor, and she was still the first.

So, from 2012 to 2014, for three consecutive years, she was No. 1.

Someone teased her: you seem to be very annoying?

Meinaishi is also a cute seller: Oh, I dont care at all.

When I noticed it, I was already disgusted, she said

Now, what can we do if we are so disgusted?

Artists like to wash the white, and generally like to take two routes:

One is that they are selling badly.

The second is from the black.

Menezi chose the second way.

She was attacked by the whole network when she was the anchor. Therefore, Sinai chose to transform.

She resigned from TBS and became a freelance anchor instead of a well-known anchor.

It was quite a sensation at the time.

There are very few people in Japan who can make such a choice.

Shes a maverick.

I just want to challenge myself while Im still young, and see what else I can do before Im 30, he said

But just as she was about to make a big deal, something went wrong with her feelings.

When she was still the anchor, she met Fujimori in the program.

They came together naturally.

Its also one of menezils longest dating boyfriends.

Menezi was hit hard.

Once, OTA invited meneshi to his home, and he was very thin. The clothes are not neat. You can see underwear coming out.

This kind of state is very rare for menezil, who has always loved beauty.

I think its time for me to grow up.

After that, she changed.

From a coquettish girl to an inspirational woman.

First of all, it is the change of skin appearance.

In order to have a good face and perfect body, menezil began to shape.

365 days a year, she works out every day.


Practice yoga.


In order to have a better skin, she made great efforts in beauty.

So she drank three liters of water a day.

Even if she was lazy and didnt want to drink, she would open the lid of her water bottle at home to force herself to drink.

Every day, she will eat Hami melon.

In addition, in terms of image, she regularly goes for manicure and skin care.

Never delayed by anything.

When the appearance is well maintained, she also insists on changing the inside.

She had been scolded for making before, and she simply took over the role of Lu Bangs daughter. Play a seductive female thief.

In filming, she comes as the director tells her to.

Play to the limit.

Raise your legs high.

Charm calls.

From the lens point of view, charming to the extreme.

She said, I dont want to be thought thats not very good. I dont want to let people down. I will make 120% efforts.

In order to have a good rendering effect, menezi completely went out of his way and told the photographer, I specially trained my back. Please be sure to shoot it.

Then he took off his clothes.

The photographer shot three times in a row, and it was finished immediately.

Editor in chief of the magazine sighed: because this is unexpected surprise.

Who doesnt like the actors who cooperate so well?

Before, people laughed at her.

Now, she will do it.

Menezhi participated in a program with a distinctive name - what if you have a little bit of heart?.

To teach the audience how to tease the Han people.

She was forced to do something wrong.

So I used the mouth straw to install cute.

Mennai saw it and restored it on the spot.

She joked: this is the rest of my game. Do you use it? I dont need to do this trick at all.

Finally, she said frankly: but look at me now, or nothing fishing state.

Its so black.

Because of this, her image gradually improved.

A lot of people say they like her.

Because of her popularity, she was selected as a cover model by three womens magazines.

Magazines sell well.

She also plans to publish a photo album of her own.

At that time, some insiders asked her, how much do you intend to sell?

200000. She said.

Outsiders are jokes.

However, the sales volume was much higher than that. It sold 600000 in a month, and ranked the first in the photo album sales list for seven consecutive weeks.

This has triggered a heated discussion in SNS.

A photographer named Suzuki Shinzo posted: I havent seen such a sincere photo album for a long time. Its really a good work to beat the bad mood of the industry.

The post was praised by 60000 people.

Whats more, most of the people who come to buy are women.

One of the girls said:

I bought it because I wanted to see a lot of beautiful miss Tanaka. Miss menezhi is a very hard-working and beautiful person. I want to know what kind of efforts Tanaka is making.

She also said that she would like to follow the example of Monet all her life.

Even the Japanese cowherd likes her.

As a result, menezil came in second.

Her image is getting better and better.

The media described her transformation as: Taking the opportunity of lovelorn, her popularity rose sharply.

After the image improved, a well-known reporter interviewed her: you used to be so hated, now you have become such a longed for existence, are you in a good mood now?

No, no, no, not at all. She was wide awake.

At this time, menezhi said that the reason why he always pretended to be cute was because of the need of human settings.

She wants to use this skill to stand firm in the circle.

So, Ive been doing it all the time.

Its easy.


But put aside the affectation, she is also a soft person.

As soon as he said that, Manette cried.

Tears flow through my eyes.

After crying for a long time, she choked out a sentence: thank you very much.

Before all the abuse and humiliation, in this moment, all with tears.

It is still used as a weapon.

But she has accepted all the comments.

Because she knows that writing is a shortcut for a short time. Only by constantly improving her emotional intelligence and strength is a long-term plan.

Finally, I wish you and I can be loved for a long time even if I dont do it.