Zhu Yilongs traitor kills Qing, sends an article at night to say goodbye to the role

 Zhu Yilongs traitor kills Qing, sends an article at night to say goodbye to the role

Today, Zhu Yilong officially finished filming the new drama the traitor. He released the last scene of the killing in the early morning. He said goodbye to the role and expressed his gratitude to everyone who met in and out of the play: thank everyone in the play, every teacher and colleague who work together outside the play.. A few days ago, Zhu Yilongs cast Wang Yang, Dai Xu and others also successively released the photos and their thoughts on shooting. In the photos, you can feel the harmonious atmosphere and tacit understanding of the actors in the crew. The words also show the actors mutual appreciation and their unwillingness to kill them.

In the last mirror of Lin Nanshengs death, he stood in the telephone booth with his eyes on the whole. His expression was very serious, leaving enough room for the audience to daydream. Zhu Yilong, a skillful actor, has made Lin Nansheng a vivid figure only through a lens and a look. This time, Zhu Yilong also changed his old image to play an agent. In the released stills, Zhu Yilong, dressed in military uniform and with a cropped hair style, is handsome and upright, just like a soldier. Many netizens who have just seen restart shout is this still the little third master I know, and Zhu Yilongs multifaceted image as an actor has attracted much attention.

Zhu Yilong interprets the role with professionalism and rewards the audience with dedication

The film was shot in the heat, and there are a lot of fighting and shooting scenes, the shooting process is very difficult. In order to fit in with the role of Lin Nansheng, Zhu Yilong also deliberately controlled his weight. According to the latest interview, he weighed only 128 Jin when shooting the play. During this period, Zhu Yilong lost weight even appeared on the popular search list. Wang Yang, a co-operative actor, also published an article on the social platform saying: thank you, Zhu Yilong, who is the most handsome and dedicated to my opponents drama, and praised Zhu Yilong for his professionalism.

We are looking forward to seeing Lin Nansheng played by Zhu Yilong as soon as possible.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming_ NV5736