witty! A girl falls into water in Beijing Park

 witty! A girl falls into water in Beijing Park

Floating on the water without a word

The staff found out and rescued the girl

According to witnesses

But she cant swim

Floating until rescue

She choked and coughed when she was fishing for her

The girl was rescued and sent home by the police

The drowning girl was floating on the lake

Still alive? No, moving.

Witnesses at the scene said:

It was the girl who fell into the water during exercise that night

I dont know if shes still alive

When I was salvaged, I choked my mouth to know I was still alive

After being rescued ashore

The girl has been escorted home by the police

This pose could save lives

In summer, hydrophilic activities increased

Once in the water waiting for rescue

Inhale and curl up to hold your legs

When you need to breathe in

Pull your hands down and out

Keep your head up, spit and inhale

Then he lowered his head and closed his breath to resume his floating position

And the limbs move, struggling and yelling

It can waste physical strength and even lead to drowning