The movie Yang Jian exposes the scene poster, the ultimate battle of jiaoshen is on the verge of breaking out

 The movie Yang Jian exposes the scene poster, the ultimate battle of jiaoshen is on the verge of breaking out

In the past domestic animated films, the main audience are preschool children. With the development of Guoman more and more tend to content precipitation and social thinking, the producers pay more attention to the optimization of pictures and plots, and gradually more and more in line with the aesthetic and viewing experience of all ages. The same is true in the film Yang Jian. Before growing up, the protagonist Yang Jian expressed his cynical image with his Gai Liuzi face and divine appearance; when he needed to shoulder heavy responsibilities, he immediately became wearing a three Mountain Phoenix hat and wearing a pale yellow. Gold shoes lined with Panlong socks, jade belt and flower eight treasures. He has a catapult on his waist like a crescent moon and a three pointed two edged gun in his hand The powerful Erlang God in the drama.

In addition to Erlang God, there are two protagonists in the film who are also double-sided. No matter the plot, the picture, the lines of the characters and the double-sided images of the characters, every scene and dialogue has a wonderful foreshadowing and colored egg, which needs the viewers to look for carefully in the film. Similarly, it is also an interesting film worthy of two strokes and three strokes for the viewers, and they can find fun every time.

A bold adaptation of classic characters reveals Yang Jians different past

In all the myths and stories, all the gods and monsters are high above the others. However, Yang Jian adapted the Erlang God in peoples mind into an ordinary man with flesh and blood and daring to fight against the fate with a grounded public aesthetic. When the personal image of the protagonist in Yang Jian was released, many audiences thought that the character setting was too common, not the handsome Erlang God image in their mind. In particular, the wheezing dog can not be recognized from the image of small dog to milk dog.

Yang Jian not only tells a novel story with self consistent logic, but also brings into it the experience of ordinary people before becoming immortal. It not only adapts the inherent stereotype image of traditional culture characters, but also endows the old characters with new characters, adding more modern elements and younger interpretation. At the same time, viewers can also find their own reference significance in the characters.

Yin Yuqi, the chief director, said that before Yang Jian became the Erlang God, no one knew his life. The independent film of Yang Jians personal image is integrated with many elements full of the flavor of the worlds life, so that viewers can see how a young man in guanjiangkou became a immortal. According to Luo Yixuan, director of film marketing, Yang Jian will launch a new TV Trailer at the end of the year, and will combine cross-border cooperation of major brands, covering clothing, food, digital, life and other fields. Between saving the mother and saving the people, Yang Jian constantly challenges the fate. The trailer will answer one by one how he will achieve both ends.

Yang Jian is produced by Jiangsu Shenxing science and technology group, Zhenjiang Tianying Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Tianying Film Co., Ltd., Beijing zhongdinghua entertainment film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang infinite film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang Tianying infinite Film Co., Ltd., and Wuxi Wanyou Yingli Cultural Media Co., Ltd. The film will be released in 2021.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020