Southern Song of the rich brocade: two people who are willing to be supporting roles win, but four who try to be leading roles are defeated

 Southern Song of the rich brocade: two people who are willing to be supporting roles win, but four who try to be leading roles are defeated

In addition, there are four villains who cant survive. They all want to be the protagonist.

First of all, Shen Leqing:

This is a typical human nature, but it cant be done. It is clearly the Shen familys kindness to take her in. Look at general Shens conduct and Mrs. Shens gentleness, we can see that they have a good family atmosphere and no one will bully her.

However, Shen Yueqing thought that Li Ge, who had been found later, had robbed her of her status, the favor she received in the Shen family, and the Peng Wang she wanted to marry. Most people have jealousy, sadness and loss in their hearts, which are normal psychology and reaction. However, few people are as vicious as her.

Fortunately, Shen lige is not a vegetarian, so she warns her face-to-face. Its OK to deal with the Shen Li Song. If we cant make it, we directly turn the spearhead to the whole Shen family, and finally kill the Shen family and his son.

This is also the two people who once called her father and her elder brother. There is nothing wrong with her. Dont mention repaying the kindness of raising her. To this point, it makes people feel that she is terrible and inhumane.

The source of all this is that she wants to be a leading role, not a supporting role. In the Shen family, there were only two sons, and her adopted daughter was also favored by everyone. As soon as Shen Lige came back, she felt her status was damaged.

If you dont become a demon, you can still enjoy the splendor and wealth, and you can still have a quiet time. The Shen family are all good people. No one will bully her, and they wont drive her away because Li Ge comes back.

The dissatisfaction and indifference to her is also due to her own bad intentions. This is also a typical good day, but I have to toss about in order to better, but I never thought that this would be nothing.

In fact, like her situation, whats wrong with being a supporting role in the Shen family? Dont you just live your own life?

I dont have a family. I have a big family to settle down for myself. Shouldnt I be grateful? Even if you are not grateful, you can also use this platform to improve yourself, and then marry a good family.

2. The mother of King jingling

The Empress Dowager also has some problems in her mind. It can be understood for the sake of her son. However, it depends on the situation. If there is a dispute over the throne, and the person fighting for the throne has a bad relationship with her son, she can take a risk and grab it.

What she has to deal with is Peng Chengwang, who has always had a good relationship with her son and has a strong brotherhood. The key is that Peng Chengwang was brought up by herself. She should know the nature of the other party.

However, judging from the fact that the king of Pengcheng can help the emperor manage the government, his son can only help him. He is a little unhappy, which can be understood, but he cant recruit all the people.

I didnt think about it. Even if the king Pengcheng was destroyed, her son might not be able to rise to the throne. After all, the emperor still had another person. On the whole, she still doesnt want her son to be a supporting role. Even if Peng Cheng Wang takes her son as his mother, she is still dissatisfied and dissatisfied.

Some of them are stupid, and some of them are not clear about evil feelings. He did a lot of harmful things, didnt help his son, and let others take advantage of it, such as Lu Yuan, such as Xie Zhongshu Ling.

3. Lu Yuan

4. Xie Zhongshu Ling

These two people dont want to be without supporting roles. They want to overthrow Pengcheng king. After all, Jiangshan belongs to other peoples families. As outsiders, they are only in high position and power, but they are not satisfied, so they want to grab it.

Its a pity that if you can live a good life in a high position, because of greed, you have nothing left behind, your life lost, and your home gone. Naturally, its not as good as your supporting role in the past.

In fact, life is still alive, sometimes its not bad to be a supporting role. If a supporting role is well done, he is relaxed, and the people around him are relaxed, and everyone is happy? For example, these two characters in the play:

After she got married to Prince Pengs mansion, she was not allowed to be spoiled. Obviously, it was a marriage of interest. However, King Peng was upright in character. Even if he didnt love him, he didnt disrespect her. Outsiders couldnt bully her, so he lived a good life.

She was calm and calm, not fighting, not rushing, and felt that as long as she could see the king of Pengcheng, she would be very happy and happy. Even if he fell in love with someone else and had a side concubine, she always treated them politely and never acted badly.

The typical psychology of being a supporting actor is not happy and sad, but it will not be malicious. If according to the plot, the king of Pengcheng has lost his libretto. If he is alone for a long time, he will return to Princess Xie sooner or later.

After all, she really loves him, respects him and protects him. In the end, she may get his love and his heart because of no dispute and become a new protagonist.

2. King jingling

King jingling is also a willing supporting actor. His respect and affection to King Pengcheng are sincere. Except for the misunderstanding of Peng Cheng Wang when his mother died, he was so impulsive that people didnt feel like him. The performance of other dozens of plays made people feel like an angel.

He has a pure heart, no distracting thoughts, firm brotherhood, and never cares about himself. He is only the follower and helper of Peng Chengwang, the fourth elder brother. I want to help the fourth brother everywhere, but I have no intention and request.

It can be seen that the two people who are willing to act as supporting roles have a satisfactory ending later, and they have got a lot of achievements. The future is also expected. But these were not what they wanted in the first place, so it was like a surprise.

The four characters in the play seem to be trying very hard to get what they want, or struggling to stand in the position of higher and higher protagonists. As a result, they are totally defeated.

This situation is everywhere around us, but the more people want it, the more they cant get it. However, those who follow their own will get what they dont want.

So those who can not get more angry, more unwilling, more desperate, unscrupulous, the results of their own desperate, a tragic end. They may feel that those who stand in the leading role position are lucky because they dont work hard.

In fact, they dont understand the importance of moral conduct, the importance of good or bad character, and whether those who later became the leading roles have hidden their talents and tried to be brave, whether they have paid sincerity and goodwill, and they dont understand that it is the highest level that they can get.

Those who work on scheming plan to do harm to others every day. On the contrary, they dont have the mind and action of meditation or self-improvement.

Its all right to want to get something or to be a leading role, but the means should be fair and aboveboard, you can work hard, but you cant trample on others or harm others. If you have the heart of harming others, dont say to be the leading role. Maybe you cant even do a supporting role.