Im 30 years old and havent done anything decent yet.

 Im 30 years old and havent done anything decent yet.

However, looking back on her growth process, she is indeed an ordinary woman who has not finished her doctorate, who has no political experience, and is accompanied by the laboratory every day.

Merkels father, on her 30th birthday, visited Merkel at her residence in Berlin, and the words left by this normally reticent and strict clergyman have made Merkel unforgettable

Thirty years old, you havent done anything decent yet.



From Kasner to Merkel

Merkels surname comes from her first husband.

In 1974, Merkel was 20.

At that time, she just entered the University and met Ulrich Merkel, who was one year older than herself. They were of the same level and major, and soon fell in love.

It may be hard for most people to imagine that Merkel would also have a time in crazy love.

Merkel and Ulrich enjoyed the sweetness of love. They went to parties together and danced at the disco held twice a week in the physics department. Each time, they played until they were exhausted, and even felt dizzy until the next day of class.

Merkels best friend in college still remembers the little card she received that day, which said, were going to get married. On September 3, 1977, I just want to inform you dearest.

Four years later, Merkels marriage broke down.

At that time, Merkel was still working hard for her doctorate, and her thesis tutor, Paul, came into her life.

Because they had a failed marriage, they both took a cautious attitude towards marriage, and they never formally married each other. It was not until 1998 when Merkel was elected vice chairman of the CDU that Sauer formally married her. The reason was that Merkel was not attacked.

And Merkels name has been retained.

In peoples impression, only one husband and wife will achieve relatively high achievements, and the other will usually sacrifice his career in order to assist the more successful half.

However, Merkel and Sauer have completely broken the old conventions. Naturally, Merkel has made brilliant political achievements. In the field of quantum chemistry, Scholler is also one of the top scholars in the world.

The two men not only have a successful career, but also have strong feelings. They have gone through ups and downs for decades.


At 30, nothing

At that time, the division of Germany was an unchangeable fact, and everyone who was integrated into the trend of the times was marked with a distinctive mark of the times.

I live in a space where I cant go beyond the minefield. I live in a space with a high degree of self-control.

When she was a student, Merkels life was very ordinary, and there was no particularly impressive behavior. After all, under such a severe social situation, ordinary people were already a kind of happiness.

In 1973, Merkel graduated from high school. Considering the special social conditions in East Germany and from the perspective of employment, she chose physics major in Leipzig University.

Many years of study and scientific research career has created Merkels calm scientist character, which has saved her political life many times and helped her survive various political crises and eddies.

After graduating from University, Merkel entered the Academy of Sciences.

The Academy of Sciences in the Democratic Republic of Germany has always been very cold, and the yard is even covered with waist drenched weeds. However, this barrenness has nourished Merkel. He worked in the field of physical chemistry led by Lutz zorik for many years, and did not change his job until he got his doctorate.

In short, Merkel, who has entered the thirties, has no marriage, no children and no house. She is still a researcher at the Academy of Sciences.

In addition to day-to-day research work, life in the Academy of Sciences is also very poor, and the salary is poor. It even takes months to save money to buy a pair of high-grade leather shoes, not to mention overcoats and so on.

At this time, it is not difficult to understand why Merkels father said such hurtful words when she was 30 years old. In the secular view, Merkels life at that time was not really a success.

However, the light life of the Academy of Sciences gives Merkel more time to think.

In her spare time, she would read and listen to radio and political books from West Germany, so as to think about the political system and other social problems in East Germany and consider the future of East Germany.

Under the historic changes in East and West Germany, Merkel is also experiencing unprecedented transformation. Her reading of books, newspapers and magazines, and listening to political radio in her spare time have made her think deeply about the system, economy and other aspects of East and West Germany in recent years.

She was transformed from a passionate political enthusiast to a politician with her own political views.

She was so calm that even when the Berlin Wall was pulled down, Merkel went to Poland for scientific research exchange according to her original plan.


35 + before entering politics

After the reunification of Germany, in order to balance the power between the East and the west, the government needs to increase the number of officials from East Germany.

This is also a good time for Merkel to enter the Bureau.

On January 18, 1991, Merkel, who had been in politics for only one year, was sworn in as Minister of women and youth.

That year, Merkel was less than 37 years old.

She managed to break two records: the youngest congressman and the youngest federal minister.

Although she was a late comer, Merkel was highly respected by the then Premier Kohl for her hard working spirit.

From January 1991 to November 1994, Merkel made great efforts to strive for more welfare for women, children and young people in Germany.

At her insistence, Germany passed the amendment to the law on helping children and adolescents, which stipulates that the right of children aged 3 and above to attend kindergartens is guaranteed by law.

According to international protocol, women should be treated before men in the same position.

Looking at the bustling crowd around, and thinking about her own situation, a burst of inexplicable grievance suddenly rose. With mixed feelings, Merkel shed tears of grievance in public.

Merkel and former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl

But at any time, there will be another person with the same background, and Coles favorite will change at any time. Merkel knows that without her own power, her political future will be full of variables - its time for her to accumulate energy.

Merkel decided that she would run for chairman of the CDU in Brandenburg, but in fact, because of her hesitation and repetition, she has missed the best time for the election.

Throughout Merkels political career, this failure can be said to be the only one.

Merkel herself later admitted that she lost the election due to inadequate preparation, which also sounded the alarm for her, because she had gone too smoothly before, and she needed ups and downs. Such experience is the best booster for her growth.

There is no achievement, not by their own pay, no one will give you anything for nothing.

She was conscious of it herself.

She appropriately seized the opportunity to speak, when Merkel had just taken office as general secretary of the CDU.

At that time, the situation in Germany was not optimistic: the fiscal deficit was more than 3% of GDP and had lasted for seven years; the unemployment problem troubled the masses, and the unemployment rate of 12.6% was enough to make any leader headache.

Only eight years later, Germany, led by Merkel, had almost balanced fiscal revenues and expenditures, with an unemployment rate of less than 7%, which safely and smoothly blocked the global economic crisis, and maintained its own economic growth in the European debt crisis.

This has to be said to be a powerful illustration of Merkels political leadership and decision-making ability.

In 2015, when Europe was faced with three major crises (the Greek debt crisis, the situation in Ukraine and the refugee tide in Syria), Merkel stepped forward every time. Her iron fisted style made her once known as the queen of Europe by the media.

The 30-year-old Merkel will not think that she will bid farewell to scientific research, gallop in European politics for more than 30 years, and be re elected as German Chancellor for four terms, becoming the longest serving female leader so far.

It was late, but almost all the moves were good.

In interviews, Merkel always said that any turning point in her life from being a federal minister to becoming a party chairman was a surprise. She never really expected anything.

Every ending she wants to see is a surprise to her, but when they are still in the bud, she has figured out how to make them bloom.

Like Merkel, in fact, in the tide of the times, each of us has his own opportunity, just to see how you want to look at it and how to seize it.

The only thing to fear is not time, but time wasted.

I hope you and I can have the determination of still water flows deep and not be coerced by age anxiety,