Elder sister: why does serenity work so hard? Artists want to do art, not sell people

 Elder sister: why does serenity work so hard? Artists want to do art, not sell people

This time, what did serenity and Zheng Xiyi talk about? (article / Piaoyu Tong) on the topic of spelling, there is also the so-called human design. I find that these two days theyve been asking me, she says, what are you doing here? For yourself, you have to do it for yourself first, then you are qualified to say for others. You are not good yourself. Why are you other people. Ive been fighting like this for decades, and Im a little confused when Im asked why. What kind of things, what why, everywhere is not like this. Yeah, people have questions about spelling?


However, there are times when it is unfair. However, we should always believe that Heaven rewards diligence. All walks of life have the phenomenon of rowing, which is not worth advocating. Let alone, your gains should be in direct proportion to your efforts. There will be no pie in the sky. Its good to wait for a rabbit and get something without work. These are all stories of entrapment. Do you believe it? Believe is a fool. Spell is a kind of struggle, a kind of effort, and represents a kind of spirit. Then, you fight for it. What you get is your grades and the corresponding rewards.


I always want to be a special cow, because God gives you work, and some people are willing to see you. Should you be serious. If you make yourself a model, you are qualified to ask whether people like you or not. So dont say that those tall words, especially artists, do not do their own well, what qualifications? Artists want to do art, not sell people, not for a long time. So dont say those tall words, it has no reason. This is what normal work is like. Its always been hard to spell. Do you think its not what we should do?


Still remember, tranquility also needs to take quick acting Jiuxin pills during training. She was afraid that she could not bear such a large amount of training, so she took medicine just in case. Why does she spell that? With her influence, with her personality, including her age - even if its perfunctory, no sister will have any opinion. But the tranquility is still ignored, because she wants to be very model. Improve your own business ability, which is qualified to let others like you. Its no use saying too much. Do it every day, of course. Spell, shouldnt it?


Whats the use of artificial setting? In recent years, people who set up peoples facilities are often overturning. Why? If you really cant, you cant be true. In the end, youll always show your true colors. Its not as good as, down-to-earth, this sub point. What to do and what to do, just as Jingjing said, artists need to do art, not suitable for selling.. You cant sell it for long. Its going to show up. At that time, how can love be? Too many people want to use artificial as a shortcut to success. Its no use. Take it seriously. No pains, no gains.