Its only thirty: who can guarantee that when you get married, you wont regret it? Its important to know what you want

 Its only thirty: who can guarantee that when you get married, you wont regret it? Its important to know what you want


Then what shall I do? Wang manis parents are busy making a blind date for her. But the object is not so satisfied, the key is Wang mani heart refused not to want. The pressure from home and abroad makes Wang mani breathless. She wanted to let it go, so she met Wang Zhi, a small cadre. The other party is very satisfied, Wang mani wants to have good looks. With such a woman around me, I feel very proud. But how can Wang mani look up to Wang Zhi? She doesnt want to be stuck in a small town. But what happens next? Where to start? Wang WanNI is very ambitious.



Next, Yu Bo uses his own life experience to solve Wang manis emotional confusion. Yu Bo said: if you dont get married, you will regret it. Who can guarantee that you will not regret if you get married? Im afraid those who urge you dont understand why. They will go with the stream and fear that you will remain. No one wants to be so conspicuous and talked about, especially in the place where they slap each other I originally thought that after 30, she would definitely accept her fate, find a person who doesnt hate, fall in love smoothly, and then get married, Wang said Yu Bo hit the nail on the head: you just didnt admit it.

Its very important to know what you want and what you dont want. If there is no principle of their own, others hasten to get married - how can such a marriage be happy? So, your own position is very important. Dont rush to decide your life before you know it. Otherwise, as Yu Bo said, who can guarantee that he will not regret marriage.. Wang mani is alive to understand, although not happy. However, the right of two interests should be more important than that of two evils. Brave to live for yourself, this life without regret.

Yu Bo doesnt regret it: living to my age, he has no wife, no children, just such a barber shop. When Im gone, I guess its gone. The people of the town come to me to clean up their hair and come in and sit down. They think I am a good person to get along with. In fact, I know that I am not easy to get along with? Simply, Im free on my own. Many people dont live when they arrive. Do you want to be happy for others or for yourself?

Make your own choice, and then firmly go on.


People should be happy to live for themselves