The perfect husband is a scum man? Many seemingly harmonious families are full of holes

 The perfect husband is a scum man? Many seemingly harmonious families are full of holes


They are the perfect husband in the eyes of others. There should be someone pointing at them and saying, husbands should learn from them.. Before the words fell, their fox tail came out. Whats more, he betrayed the family and his wife. They can also say in a beautiful way: you forced them, who made you so excellent? I am so stressed that I can only find women outside to seek self-esteem and satisfaction. Well, whats this called? Its shameless to bite back. Scum man, you have to be clear. Its disgusting to wear the perfect skin.


You see, a lot of people cant see it anymore. Yang Tiantian, yes, is the one who opposes Lu Hans public love affair. Zhang Yi, when are you going to leave? Ive written the divorce declaration for you. Then, he also played Zhang Yi by Song Jia. As the saying goes, its better to tear down a temple than a marriage. But in this case, it is intolerable. Well, please dont have to bear it any more. Yang naivetes attitude is distinct, such a scum man still dont divorce why? Keep it for Valentines day. You dont have to. For your own health, please stay away from the scum man.


Another is Yao Chen, who worked with Yu Entai, who played Zhang Xin. (text / piaoyutang) Yu Entai: when things come to this stage, how will the rain come to an end? Yao Chen: teach me how to beat a mountain with a slap, and youll know everything. Yao Chen is worthy of being the queen of microblog, and the answer is particularly appropriate: ente, I am mature, and I dont need violence to solve problems. Slag man has his own day, you treasure. Behind the foxs expression, secretly showed cunning eyes. Well, thats it: Heavens iniquities can live, but self iniquities cannot.


For slag man, there is Jingtian. Directly pasted out the picture of slag man elimination piece, the text is: look at the white moonlight, so angry that I want to change a mobile phone case for Zhang Yi. Yes, but Zhang Yi and Zhang Xin were once the perfect couple admired by everyone. Zhang Xin is willing to be a family cook for Zhang Yis career. Family is Zhang Yis biggest concern, and Zhang Xin solves her worries. However, this is not the real women in charge of the outside, men in charge of the inside.. Zhang Xin carries Zhang Yi on his back and has a dog blood relationship with this woman and that woman.



Why love in the present and cherish the people in front of you has become an unreachable human delusion