Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the significance of the new development pattern. The 6 points should be known.

 Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the significance of the new development pattern. The 6 points should be known.

The development of Chinas economy over the past 40 years has laid a solid supply, demand and institutional foundation for the comprehensive establishment of a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other.

On the supply side, China has not only become the only country in the world with all the industrial categories listed in the United Nations Industrial Classification, but also ranks among the worlds top patent applications.

At the system and mechanism level, the market has played a decisive role in the allocation of resources, the role of the government has been better played, and the national large market has been operating smoothly under the continuous optimization of various basic reforms, supply side structural reforms and business environment.

What are the deep considerations for building a new development pattern?

In order to adapt to the new characteristics and new requirements brought about by the development and change of the main social contradictions in China, we need to solve the deep-seated imbalance and insufficiency problem in the development. We should not only continue to take the supply side structural reform as the main line, dredge the breakpoints and blocking points of the domestic economic cycle, but also grasp the strategic basis point of expanding domestic demand to meet the needs of peoples better life, which is a dual cycle of domestic and international The new development pattern has found a sustainable, safe, efficient and stable power source and support surface.

How can expanding domestic demand provide a strategic basis for accelerating the formation of a new development pattern?

China has unique advantages in expanding domestic demand. Chinas total population ranks first in the world, and has formed the largest middle-income group in the world, with a total number of more than 400 million people, which is the basis for expanding domestic demand.

At the same time, the decisive victory of a well-off society in an all-round way and a decisive battle against poverty alleviation have greatly reduced the number of poor people and effectively alleviated the suppression of poverty and other issues on the consumption rate, which in itself is conducive to tapping the potential of Chinas sinking market and promoting the integration of Chinas market.

If poverty alleviation is a major policy measure at the secondary distribution level, then the rapid development of digital economy is to increase the income of workers from the primary distribution level, which is conducive to consumption growth. Chinas digital economy has strong labor-friendly characteristics, such as takeout, express delivery and other employment opportunities in the digital economy, and the income level is higher than that of traditional industries.

What are the rich connotations of the new development pattern?

On the one hand, taking the domestic large-scale cycle as the main body, it is not to close the door to operate in a closed way. The focus of developing domestic circulation is roughly the same as that of developing international circulation. The same should be done to protect intellectual property rights, improve business environment, reduce access restrictions, and rely on complete industrial system and complete infrastructure.

On the other hand, the mutual promotion of domestic and international dual circulation can make the main position of domestic big cycle more stable. Only by integrating the domestic and international dual circulation, can we optimize the transnational allocation of production factors, expand the import of high-quality goods and services, meet the domestic production and consumption demand, and make the domestic big cycle more smooth and heavy.

In order to form a double cycle benign interaction, it is necessary to maintain the security of the industrial chain supply chain. China is in the stage of climbing from the low end of the industrial chain to the middle and high end, and the neck sticking problem is still serious in some fields. Only by maintaining the security of the industrial chain supply chain and strengthening the guarantee ability of key fields, key technologies and key products, can we provide strong support for the benign interaction of the dual cycle.

In order to form a double cycle of benign interaction, we also need to cultivate new advantages of participating in international cooperation and competition. On the basis of giving priority to self-sufficiency in key areas, we should integrate Chinas super large market scale, complete industrial system, complete infrastructure and a large number of high-quality scientific research personnel, and rely on the institutional advantage of concentrating on major events to form an advantage in the science and technology fields that require super large investment.

To explore an effective way to form a new development pattern, we should firmly grasp the strategic basis point of expanding domestic demand. We should firmly implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand, regard meeting domestic demand as the starting point and foothold of promoting high-quality development, accelerate the construction of a complete domestic demand system, give full play to the basic role of consumption and the key role of investment, so as to effectively combine and promote boosting consumption and expanding investment.

To explore an effective way to form a new development pattern, we should vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation. It is necessary to benchmark world-class, strengthen frontier exploration and forward-looking layout, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation and other aspects of innovation, increase the efforts to tackle key core technologies, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the promotion of strategic emerging industries such as digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, life and health, and new materials, so as to form more new growth points and growth poles, and improve the stability and stability of the supply chain of the industrial chain Modernization level, cultivate new advantages of Chinas participation in international cooperation and competition under the new situation.

In order to explore an effective way to form a new development pattern, we should also give full play to the breakthrough and leading role of reform. We should rely on reform to cope with changes and open up new situations, adhere to the goal guidance and problem orientation, be good at accumulating potential and planning for potential, and be good at identifying and adapting to changes. We should firmly grasp the key points, actively encourage exploration, highlight the actual effect of reform, and promote reform to better serve the overall situation of economic and social development.