Study every day, success does not have to be in me, success must have me

 Study every day, success does not have to be in me, success must have me

The establishment of special economic zones is an important decision made by our party and the state to promote reform, opening up and socialist modernization. Over the past 40 years, five special economic zones, namely Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen and Hainan, have fulfilled their mission. In the great historical process of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, they have written a magnificent chapter of bravely establishing the tide and forging ahead. They have played the role of experimental field in system reform, and played an important window role in opening up to the outside world and serving as a national reform and opening up and socialist modernization drive It has made a significant contribution.

In April 13, 2018, at the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Hainan Special Economic Zone, Xi Jinping, general secretary, fully affirmed the historical achievements of the construction of the special economic zone, and summarized the valuable experience of the construction of the special economic zone. He proposed that the deepening of the reform should be pushed forward in the starting point of the new era. To be responsible, to be patient with history, to carry forward the spirit of nail driving, to draw a blueprint to the end, and to work one by one, which has pointed out the direction and provided fundamental guidance for further running the Special Economic Zone in the new era.


In his speech, Hu Shi explained: there is a saying in the Buddhist scriptures: blessing is not Tang donation. Tangs donation was lost in vain. We should also say, its not worth donating. No effort will be lost in vain. Two years later, he said in his prescriptions for three young people (originally published in Tianjin Ta Kung Pao, June 24, 1934), our efforts today will surely have a great harvest in the future. If you plant one grain at a time, you will have a harvest full of barns and houses. Success doesnt have to be in me, and my skills will certainly not be wasted.


It doesnt have to be done for me, General Secretary Xi Jinping once stressed in his articles and speeches. As early as he was in charge of Zhejiang Province, he wrote in his article to be willing to do something to pave the way (Zhijiang Xinyu), leading cadres should grasp all kinds of work under the guidance of a correct concept of political achievements. I dont have to be successful. we should be willing to do preparatory work and grasp what has not been accomplished. Later, he once said: we said that to grasp a blueprint to the end, we need not only scientific decision-making, but also ideological realm. What is the state of mind? It doesnt have to be me

During the two sessions of the NPC and CPPCC National Committee in 2018, when he was attending the deliberations of the Shandong delegation, general secretary Xi Jinping once again stressed that merit does not have to be in me and has made a deep exposition: the merit does not need to be in me is not negative, lazy politics and inaction, but must firmly establish the correct view of achievements. For good things that are fundamental and beneficial to the long run, we should not only do meritorious work, but also do latent work, regardless of personal merits and fame, and pursue the peoples good reputation and real evaluation after historical precipitation. For the majority of Party members and cadres to entrepreneurship provides practical follow and spiritual guidance.

There is no need for me to succeed in my work, said General Secretary Xi Jinping.

In June 1985, comrade Xi Jinping performed the new vice mayor of Xiamen, and approved the approval of the State Council to extend the scope of the Xiamen special economic zone to the whole island and the whole island of Gulangyu Islet, and gradually implement some policies of free port. Xi Jinping seized the critical period of the development of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone, and organized the domestic excellent experts and scholars to formulate the strategy of Xiamens economic and social development from 1985 to 2000, which has become an important basis for Xiamens subsequent planning and development.

In 1986, Xiamen was identified as the first pilot city of institutional reform in China. Xi Jinping served as the head of the municipal financial system reform and the management of special economic zones, and led the research and development of a series of policies and measures to promote the reform of the government management system of the special economic zone. At that time, there was no precedent and huge resistance in the reform. Xi Jinping was resolute in the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee: reform is a step ahead and risky. But the state needs someone to go on the way, do it well, provide experience for the future reform of the country, and play a role of outline. In the next year, all eight specialized bureaus in Xiamens industrial system were cut off, and the system of large ministries and commissions was first implemented in the country, simplifying the examination and approval of enterprises and delegating power to enterprises.

Then, in Xiamen, Xi Jinping pushed forward a series of pioneering reform measures: actively promoting Xiamen to achieve the plan separately, striving for favorable conditions for Xiamens long-term development; putting forward the principle of small government and big society for the first time in the whole country, setting up a streamlined, efficient, clean and united government, promoting the enterprise operation of financial institutions, setting up overseas Chinese investment companies and local insurance institutions. Xiamen foreign exchange adjustment center These forward-looking and strategic reform measures have injected strong impetus into Xiamens economic and social development.

Today, the newly established special economic zone stands at a new historical starting point. The new situation, new tasks and new challenges endow the special economic zone with a new historical mission. As long as the builders of the Special Economic Zone bear in mind the instructions of the general secretary, continue to uphold the spiritual realm of success does not have to be in me and the historical responsibility of success is bound to have me, draw a blueprint to the end, and work one after another, the SEZs will surely be able to create another brilliant future!