Abe is going to resign. What should the Japanese government do next?

 Abe is going to resign. What should the Japanese government do next?

Kyodo news analysis novel coronavirus pneumonia, Andouble said that although the Japanese cabinet has the largest single emperor of the argument, but Andouble as prime minister in coping with the new crown pneumonia epidemic strategy lost direction, cabinet support rate showed a downward trend. The LDP will quickly hold a presidential election to elect a new president.

According to the previous reports of the surging news, many politicians have expressed their intention to run for the election of the LDP president in public. With the rumors of Abes health rising, all the competitors are rubbing their hands. In addition to expressing their political opinions in public and hoping to gain public support, they also meet frequently with the leaders of the LDP to win trust. Those who are interested in running for the election include former defense minister Shi Shimao, the current chairman of the Liberal Democratic Partys government affairs investigation committee, and the current defense minister, taro Kono.

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Tuyuan / Kyodo

Haiwai.com, August 28 (Xinhua) according to Kyodo news agency, Japanese Liberal Democratic Party cadres said that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at a cadre meeting held at the LDP headquarters on the 28th: my ulcerative colitis recurred and needed to be treated for a period of time. I dont want to give you trouble by resigning suddenly like I did in my last term, so I make this decision.

Japans LDP cadres also said that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, speaking of the reasons for his resignation at a cadre meeting held at the LDP headquarters on the 28th, said that due to illness, it is impossible to make a correct political judgment..

Abe will officially announce his resignation at a press conference on the afternoon of the 28th. Abe has been serving as Prime Minister for 2799 consecutive days as of May 24 local time, surpassing his grandfathers consecutive tenure of office, a new record. Abes ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease. In December 2007, Abe, who became Prime Minister for the first time, announced his resignation because of the deterioration of his health. At that time, he did not find any omen at that time, which caused many media to criticize him for escaping on the spot. This time, novel coronavirus pneumonia suddenly quit.

Abe visited Qingying university hospital twice on August 17 and 24, and the news about his poor health has not been stopped. Within the Japanese government and the ruling party, there are different opinions on Abes health.

Abe talked about the reasons for his resignation. The Russian ambassador responded to Abes resignation. How serious was the cause of Abes resignation? Abe said his resignation was like heartbreaking pain, and the former Foreign Minister of Japan intended to take over Abe