Dong rufang: Digital Live marketing system enables enterprises to obtain traffic and trust

 Dong rufang: Digital Live marketing system enables enterprises to obtain traffic and trust

The traditional marketing routine is out of order, and digital marketing strategy needs to be reshaped

In 2020, force majeure such as global epidemic situation will lead to increasingly severe global economic environment. The traditional offline activities stop, the traditional marketing system fails, the consumption intention is reduced, the marketing budget is tightened, the cost of gaining customers is increased, and various factors make the enterprise marketing more and more difficult. On the other hand, enterprises also pay more attention to the direct growth effect brought by marketing.

In the first mock exam, the hot marketing words such as precise delivery, private traffic, live broadcast and delivery have become the secret key of the digital transformation of enterprises. Enterprises are turning their attention to the mode of live broadcasting online. This is also one of the ways to help enterprises realize the fastest speed transformation. According to the 2020 CMO live Market Research Report of Chinese enterprises jointly released by micro roar and CMO training camp, live training, live seminar and live delivery are the three most popular scenes for CMO.

Brand performance double wheel drive micro roar leads digital marketing forward

CMO needs to make rational use of marketing tools, formulate digital marketing strategies to adapt to the market environment, product characteristics and user preferences, so as to achieve the double round effect of brand communication and performance growth. This is a big test for CMO and a tough battle for enterprise level live marketing service platforms like Weihou.

She said that, just after the Spring Festival, the epidemic broke out. In the face of the surging demand for live broadcasting, a hundred production research engineers and pre-sales and after-sales support were quickly employed to help enterprises transform into online digital warfare. On the one hand, it provided emergency support to Wuhan education cloud to build an aerial classroom and help millions of Wuhan students resume their classes. On the other hand, it provided 1000 free online live service places for enterprise customers, enabling them to quickly adapt to changes and tide over the crisis.

In addition to the online live broadcast service, based on the experience accumulated in the industry for ten years, Weihou has launched a live marketing solution for different industries such as finance, science and technology, education, automobile, e-commerce, as well as different live broadcast scenes such as online conference, e-commerce with goods, cloud exhibition, etc. In view of this years booming e-commerce with goods, Weihao not only launched a live marketing solution for the e-commerce industry, but also developed a brand-new Zhike e-commerce product more suitable for e-commerce live broadcasting. Besides live broadcasting, it also provides services including pre-sale whole case docking, live broadcast technical support, live platform training, 7 u00d7 24-hour online support and other services, providing sufficient guarantee for enterprise online live marketing.

Behind this brilliant performance, it is closely related to the whole chain of live marketing of micro roar. Dong rufang pointed out that the live broadcast function design of Weihou is exclusively developed after deep insight into the industry characteristics and enterprise needs, so it has a high degree of fit with the marketing needs of enterprise customers.

In the early stage of drainage, the wechat live marketing platform can invite through EDM, e-mail, wechat, SMS and other ways to help enterprises activate sleeping user resources; rich publicity materials such as invitation cards can help enterprises spread word-of-mouth and accurately promote innovation. In the live broadcast, rich interactive functions such as red envelope rain, lottery, chat, product recommendation position and purchase link can mobilize users emotions, and the complete online purchase loop can easily realize efficient conversion.

By recording the users live interaction track completely, after the live broadcast, a full-dimensional data report can be generated with one click, which can not only score the activity and help enterprises further adjust their marketing strategies, but also support the construction of private domain flow pool for users intelligent tags and groups, fine operation and promotion of subsequent transactions.

Martechtop50 white paper released, micro roar won Top50 Excellence Award

The summit also released the 6th edition of China CMO technology marketing cloud map and Martech Top50 white paper to interpret the ecological map of Martech field from the aspects of advertising, data analysis, content, experience, interaction and transaction. As a leading enterprise in the field of domestic enterprise level live marketing cloud, Weihou won the panorama and won the Top50 excellent award.

Just as the theme of this forum is seeking knowledge from things , Weihou is also exerting its own strength to explore a new era of digital marketing together with all marketing practitioners. Micro roar also hopes to help the digital marketing transformation of enterprises more quickly and efficiently through continuous deep cultivation in live broadcasting technology. Dong rufang said.